Memoir Monday {No. 29}


I guess our truck wasn’t ready to start a new week last week and just wanted to take a break! It blew a tire and so it got to take a break whether it was wanting to or not! Our week started with a bang. ~literally~ The combine had a bearing go out. Throw in some-other-hecticness and end the day with a downpour and it really was quite a start to the week. It did produce good opportunity to give thanks in all circumstances. Not necessarily for the circumstances, but continuing to give thanks as we go through circumstances. I’ve just been studying this portion of Scripture and it aptly applied!


Cutting away on Monday!


If the good Lord’s willin’ and the crick don’t rise……….

Rain on Monday, water everywhere on Tuesday.

We just THOUGHT the creek was up last week!

But, this gave us a chance to fix tires and bearings and things like that.


Wednesday brought tires to pick up.

I got up Wednesday morning with a few things jotted down on my to-do list. My farmer wasn’t sure what direction he was headed or which project he was going to work on. After a few phone calls, he decided to go pick up some tires and so away we went with him. After seventeen years, I’ve learned that you just never know what you might end up doing on any given day, especially during busy season!


Family coming to visit!


Some getting ready and cleaning up and adding some fun touches to greet guests. I love the look of candy. I want to own an old-fashioned candy counter, equipped with the gorgeous old-fashioned glass jars. I saw an idea several years ago for a candy bar. Someday, maybe I will create one. This gal had a place in her kitchen with pretty glass jars full of pretty candy. She had certain jars she filled with seasonal candy, but she had some jars and candy that were just permanent decor. Her family knew what was the “old” candy and there for display. It was so pretty! It seemed like some of it was candy like rock candy and pretty taffy and ribbon candy. Anyway, I’ve loved the idea ever since!


The peanut m&m’s I set out, generally don’t hang around long! Rock candy probably would have a better chance!


My sister and brother-in-law and three nieces arrived on Thursday! They haven’t been here since December of 2012. We were hoping {my farmer man, especially} to be a little more beyond our busy, busy of harvest and fieldwork demanding to be done, but it didn’t work out that way. Two of my nieces have never ridden in a combine, though, so I am glad they got to get in on harvest a little! We get to enjoy our company more if we’re not so busy, but that’s ok, and it’s fun to have them! And my oldest niece is the only one of their family who has ever been here during wheat harvest. Our harvest this year has been strung out because of rain and weather. Between that and my back issues, it has all felt totally unusual and disjointed compared to most years!

Also on Thursday, Renae took the written test for her permit. We had gone in the week before and there was a huge line of people, so we ended up leaving. The state examiner who usually comes was gone and everything was moving much slower than normal. But this week we went back and Renae is now ready to take on the next step in the, becoming-a-licensed-driver, process!

DSC_6738 DSC_6751 DSC_6753

Back in the wheat field! My youngest niece. Now she can say she’s ridden in a combine!


Yummy cheese from a local specialty deli/bakery shop!

DSC_6774 DSC_6776 DSC_6784

Double chocolate and sour cream vanilla cake with mocha cream cheese frosting!

I am happy to bake again! Baking is my thing when I have time.


Beef brisket~ thanks to our brother-in-law for grilling and fixing a meat bar for us!


Roll butter also from the local deli shop~


Trying out the brisket!




We got to watch the Lego Movie with our cousins/nieces! I looked up a couple of simple, easy ideas on Pinterest that would be fun to make to go along with a Lego theme.

The older girls made pizza using mini pepperonis and all the kiddos had fun making “Legos” out of cheese and crackers!

Busy week~Busy days~Busy moments~

Have a grand new week!

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    It’s been so fun to be here and experience a bit of wheat harvest since I had never been here during harvest.

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