Memoir Monday {No. 28}


I spy, in a field nearby, a combine that used to be owned by my guy! I’ll snap a picture as we drive by.

DSC_6540 DSC_6543



Lovely vignette! My favorite kind. Pretty and homey and part of life all rolled into one.

Snack mixes are so handy to have around during harvest. One recipe over here in this post and one mix shared with us by farmer friends!! {who also know it’s nice to have snack mixes around during harvest!}


One truck, hanging out, right outside my back door, waiting to go to the field.


Outside and exercise ~


We move to another field.

It promptly pours down rain right after lunch.

So we do not cut.

We sit and wait.

And wait and wait and wait all week.

Because it keeps raining.

We are not surprised.

It’s wheat harvest time after all.

We’ve been in a drought after all.

What better time to rain?

Than during harvest??


DSC_6551                               It’s my guy! ^^^^^^^^ {with the combine he owns now}


The creek is up.

We haven’t had this much water for a long, long time.

DSC_6560 DSC_6563


Renae helped out at VBS most of the week and Tucker attended VBS three of the days.

Renae helped out with the crafts and had a ball! She thought the little kids were quite funny with all their questions and it sounded like the bigger kids had their fair amount of boisterous! :)

Seemed like our week was busy and a bit hectic, even though we couldn’t cut wheat.


We mow grass.


We make faces at the photographer while we mow grass.




New July flexi to wear! Too cute! At last count this flexi is sold out in all sizes except large and mega. Let’s say popular!


Hello pretty plant on the windowsill! It was one of T’s projects from VBS.


Hatboxes peeking down from up-high perch~


Digging out some favorite children’s books and titles and shopping the house for a place for them to congregate! I started a Children’s Books board on Pinterest. Because kid’s books are amongst my favorite things!


New tablerunner! I liked the look of it with the salt and peppers. There was a bunch of old burlap here when we moved and we gave it to a neighbor who soaked it and cleaned it up and created with it. She made table runners and gifted me with a couple. They’re terribly cute. She’s had them for me for a while and we’d never made connections at the right time till last week. Tablerunners are definitely one of my things. I had just realized earlier in the week that I somewhat have a tablerunner collection and it would be fun to put together a blog post on tablerunners. Then at the end of the week, I added to my collection! Good timing! And a post to blog, blog, blog about!


This Miss! TOO. MUCH. FUN. And hair in two little, blonde, curly ponytails??! Oh yeah!


Hair in braids makes hair with volume and crinkle!



Rain and rain and totaling everywhere from 4 to 6 inches depending on locations. Just in a week! Weather always provides good conversation.

Getting home late one night and a skunk sighting by Renae as she headed to put Cooper away. One mama skunk with eight babies, tails waving in the air, following along, all in a line. Renae thought they were adorable. Cooper didn’t. He launched into a fit of barking, until his “mama” got him enclosed into his dog run.


Some stresses and messes and unanswered questions and laundry and sweeping and cooking and cleaning and still recovering a bit day by day and having some time to rest and to play, kiddos and friends and a young folks bash, baseball and Target, here and there dash,  lemon bars, lasagna, brought by a friend, running to town, this is the end!

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  1. 1
    Becky King says:

    Love this post. Always like to see pictures of the harvest. One of these years we will get to be there for it. Really like all the pics.

  2. 2

    Always fun catching up! I love that you do these posts – you always were better at keeping a journal than I was!

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