Memoir Monday {No. 27}

Hello to looking back at a week full of variety and busy! No surprise, since it is June and harvest and every year June and harvest bring busy! Every year is different in its own way, yet some things are the same too. The cycles and routines and rhythms of life and what we do.


The beginning of the week ~Monday~ Prepping for wheat harvest and also for planting some milo. I’ve missed my wheat field beside my house this year, but was excited when it dawned on me that I will have a beautiful field of milo to look at this summer and fall. The Lord willing and showers of rain falling to sprout, root, and grow each baby stalk of milo! Renae wasn’t as thrilled when I mentioned it~fall time is her allergy time and milo and corn bother her. I often like to cut heads of milo and bring in the house, but I didn’t last year because of my dearie girl. With a field right out my front door, I may have to snip some to put, at least, on the front porch.


Hello to candles flickering! I lit them several times last week. #Homey #Cozy What more can I say? Plus, I am drawn to snapping photos of these still life objects. I’m so happy to pick up my camera again. I simply feel like each day I am slowly coming back to life. That’s just how I would describe it and how I feel. Over the weekend I felt like I can walk much better and it feels more normal. I am slow and I limp and still have some numb spots in my foot. I can also still feel the nerve down my leg, but I’m thankful that it doesn’t hurt most of the time now.



Sometimes it’s just time to do something that’s needed done for a while! My men ditched away and moved a water line and hydrant. It now stands at the corner of the building and much closer to our garden spot and no-longer-in-the-pasture. I didn’t get close up photos, like I would’ve liked. I wasn’t up to walking that far at the beginning of the week.





Hello milo getting planted!







I’m always framing pictures in my mind! Everything from the antics of babies and children to action shots of my kiddos to everyday objects. Many times these mind pictures stay on only as mind pictures, because I don’t have my camera or I can’t take the time and the moment is gone, never to be captured again. Sometimes, though, I do capture the framed-in-my-mind shot! The pinks and reds in the body washes residing in our shower intrigued me the other evening. Thus, here we are with a picture of  shower gels! And I know I can’t be the only person out there to take a picture of soap, because “there is nothing new under the sun”. :)


Hello to friends coming by! My cup has been filled, filled, running over, and the pouring in continues. I’ve been so blessed by others during this past month. The pain and out-of-commission hasn’t been fun or desirable. But what a remarkable opportunity to feel this kindness after kindness literally dumped upon us, like the cooler of Gatorade poured on a football coach by his players at the Super Bowl. It brought to my mind last week, this post, from the archives.

Isn’t this a fun summertime gift?! Bright, happy summer colors on paper plates! The makings for smores and bright,cheery blossoms in a mason jar! I love this idea. It would be fun to give for any summertime occasion. From get-well to birthday to just-for-anyhow. It sure was fun to receive! :)

DSC_6414Chocolate can fix anything, right?!!!

DSC_6415 DSC_6416

Fun get-well card! heehee!

DSC_6419 DSC_6465




Hello to wheat harvest! Dry, dry weather and in a drought, yet mud holes and mud tracks to contend with as we harvest! Go figure!!


We had rain a week ago and the creek was up. R & T went swimming and played in the creek several different days and times. I had a chiro appointment and went to the library. I slowly started doing more of the household stuff again. It felt like quite an accomplishment to dust my coffee table and put things away.

My sis-in-law and our much loved niece delivered new pictures of our niece. Miss A likes Cooper and Renae took her out to see him. She calls him “Poocer.”  R & T got to spend an afternoon hanging out with friends. Tucker spent a lot of hours with Dad at the field. R & I delivered some meals and did some taxi-ing! Renae has done a lot of the footwork for me and carried food and drinks to the car. We had friends bring us egg casserole, cowboy bark, and banana muffins on Monday. Thursday my friends brought the gifts and food~pizzas, breakfast pizza, shepherd’s pie, coffeecake, chicken alfredo casserole, & burritos. Like I said, just blown away by the help and thoughtfulness. And it has helped out SO MUCH. Especially with harvest approaching and then arriving.

I’ve felt a deeper meaning to the “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health” part of marriage and doing life together this past month. I’ve felt a deeper meaning and I’m deeply appreciative to God and to my man for simply being there and caring for and doing what he could during this “sickness and worse” time.

I’ve been blessed to text back and forth with a couple of people also going through health issues and pain. We can always sympathize, but when we’ve been through something the same or are going through something similiar, then we empathize!

As I look back, I just keep seeing God’s hand in the timing of everything so very much. It was wonderful to have my parents here to lend a hand. I started feeling up to driving before harvest was under way and I’ve been able to take food and give rides and help ferry back and forth from field to field. There were a couple of weeks when I would not have been able to do even that. I like life to flow smoothly. But I certainly wouldn’t appreciate it nearly as much, if it always was that way. Nor would I notice God’s care and timing as often or as much. I know me, and I know I just wouldn’t.

And here we are heading into this new week and His mercies ARE new every morning! It’s looking like it will be full and busy too. We did have a some rain last night and it is sticky and humid today. No wheat cutting for a little! But plenty to do anyway!


I Thessalonians 5:28

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

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    Glad you are feeling better and are still receiving such good care!

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