Memoir Monday {No. 25}

The last few weeks have definitely had their ups and downs and upside downs and completely-out-of-what-we-consider normal routine. That’s the way life works. Bumps and boulders. Detours and derails. Circumstances and changes.

And when the chief cook and bottlewasher and homemaker is under the weather, well, everything is a bit topsy-turvy. My family stepped up and did what needed done and took care of me, but it certainly makes us all grateful for what we consider normal daily life.

I’m happy to slowly, but surely, improve. Praise God for healing and health and for knowledgeable doctors and health care.

And praise God for family and friends who care and who lend a hand!




Flowers from my family~

My dad and mom and niece came out from Ohio. Grandpa and Grandma and grandchildren went grocery shopping and returned with food to fill cupboards and fridge and these lovely roses for me. They are beautiful and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying them.



I love how God provides through our loved ones. One of my best friends showed up during my very-feel-worst time with a delicious pot of chicken soup, loaf of bread, and this pretty, pink, Gerbera daisy.

My mom-in-law and sis-in-law brought us chicken and noodles and meat and potato puff and tater-tot casserole and chocolate cherry cake. Food is such a wonderful help during an extra busy season or and under-the-weather time or just anytime, really! I so appreciate it.

Another friend came by with chicken for the crockpot and a loaf of french bread. A few days later, a friend and neighbor dropped off a strawberry pie. The beginning of last week, one of my long-time friends popped in with a pan of cinnamon rolls.



Towards the end of the week, another friend came by and chatted and delivered a yummy meat and potato dish and butterhorns. She also brought this sweet candle, a pretty notepad, and cozy, pinky-purply socks. So fun! So blessed! I love new candles and I love cozy socks. I lit the candle the next afternoon.




Pictures to remember this season. I won’t forget the experience and the pain. It has been one of the oddest health things I’ve ever had. I’ve slept a lot. A good bit of the time, I haven’t felt like doing much of anything. This has been my coffeetable view throughout these days. Books, magazines, Bible studies, lap desk borrowed from my girl… Earlier there was usually a mix of crackers and ice water and pain pills and essential oils and meds scattered on the table too. No pics, because I didn’t even care about picking up my camera. I am happy to slowly feel like I’m returning to my normal {normal???what is that anyway??} self.



Blankets and pillows on the floor. I spent a couple of days and quite a few nights on the floor. So weird. But the only way I could get somewhat comfortable.


New book sent out to me from my sis! I was supposed to go celebrate with her and take her gifts instead of her sending me gifts! Ah well!


 And beautiful shears sent by her too! A very fitting gift from Sew a Fine Seam!


Lovely candle from my cousin! Lemon-Lavender!



She brought me this darling bowl too! She said she thought it just looked like me, so she got it. It is perfect for summertime.

In and of myself, I would never choose pain or hard things or tough situations. Yet, these times grow me and there are blessings abounding among the discouragement and trials.

I’m beyond thankful and grateful for all the helping hands and gifts and care showered upon us. What a gift to have people step up and show their love and caring hearts. I’m beyond thankful for my husband and for my kiddos. I thought many times about people who do not have anyone to help them or take care of them.

Memories~Memoirs~You never know what they are going to be!

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  1. 1

    Glad you are feeling better. It sounds like you are blessed with wonderful and caring friends and family!

  2. 2

    We are all thankful you are improving. And looking forward to seeing you in July – Lord willing!


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