Let’s Play With Pop-pops

 Our old John Deere R had been needing some attention, so the mechanic of the family did some work on it and then got it out to take a spin or two. He ended up bringing his brother’s John Deere D over from the farm and consequently tried starting it up. It sprang to life with a bang and we were in business! Two pop-pops to exercise. I like watching the old tractors and enjoyed sitting on the porch taking in the view. Plus, it was hot in the sun. Like 9o some degrees hot.

The tractors are fun to play with, but wow! What a hot and dusty job it was running those tractors in the field. We always say that we certainly don’t know what work is compared to people in the past! They were excited because they were upgrading from a team of horses.

You just do what you do with what you have. When I married my young farmer, we cut wheat with a John Deere 95 combine. No air conditioner. No big header. But it did have a water cooler on top!! We were young and that was life and our machinery and it really didn’t matter. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t necessarily choose to go back. :) Ah memories!

Seventeen years of memories~

What’s a unique memory to your story that you love?


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  1. 1

    There are times I wish I could get in that 95 and go cut wheat again:)

  2. 3

    Ah memories! I just pulled out a bunch of old photographs. Remember printed pics?? My babies were so cute! And some of the pics I remember thinking they were so big! And now they look so little. There was an old family pic when Becca was the baby. So long ago and yet just a blink of an eye ago. Becca ran to get her photo album and promptly filled it with old pics. Sometimes I’d go back – but just for a day – a good day here and there. Looking forward to grandbabies sometime in the future is fun too!


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