The Line Between Something and Nothing {Five-Minute Friday}

It is so easy to take something for granted.

Life has a way of falling into routine and I expect things to play out and happen at the same pace or the way I have planned.

Yet, so much of life is separated only by a tiny, fragile thread. And something can go to nothing in an instant.

The scenario that I thought I knew the script for becomes completely unraveled by just a few unexpected words of refusal. From a something to a nothing. And the whole story, rough draft, and notes are no good. From what looked like completion to tiny bits of shredded paper instead, to deleted entries and a blank screen with a blinking cursor.

Climbing into bed is an easy task and many nights I am ready to JUMP into bed. It feels so good to lay down and relax and embrace rest. It feels so good to breathe in the scent of fresh clean sheets and pull my cozy blanket around me and cuddle against my man and thank God for him, for our home, and for our comfortable bed.

Climbing into bed is an easy task until my body is wrenched with pain and it seems an insurmountable task to move my leg and to pull my body and ease myself onto the edge, let alone move to another position.

No jumping. Just Mt. Everest type effort to lay down and lay still and endure until the pain subsides.

From something to nothing. From effortless to exhaustion.

From doing things and thinking nothing of it to trying to do something and thinking about every single movement required.

Such a thin line between.

In the same way there is only a heartbeat between life and death.

It is a mystery. The distance between something and nothing.

Between able and unable.

And it brings me to the foot of the cross, to the One who is always able. To the One for whom nothing is impossible.

I come and these words and melody float through my mind.


Nothing in my hand I bring

Simply to the cross I cling

Could my zeal no respite know,

Could my tears forever flow,

All for sin could not atone,

Thou must save and Thou alone.


Jesus did the work. There is nothing I can do to even come close to making a dent in the debt I would owe without the everything He did. My pardon is signed. I am free.

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    Something can go to nothing in an instant…The distance between something and nothing..powerful words!


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