The Year Begins

Eight days into the new year of 2014.

We were able to spend Christmas with my family in Ohio and had a good time. Everyone stayed pretty healthy! Tucker started to get a cold and cough a couple of days before we headed home. We didn’t have stomach flu, and for that I am eternally grateful. Every time we escape stomach flu, I am glad, glad , glad! We’ve had several times when it made its rounds over the holidays and it seems worse when you are all together and then everyone is sick.

We were blessed with safe travels and good weather going and coming! We left Ohio a day or two earlier than we thought we might, so we wouldn’t get caught in winter weather. Traveling in bad weather isn’t our cup of tea, really. Storm chaser isn’t my line of work, by any means!

It’s always good to get home. We’ve been unpacking and catching up and putting away and reorganizing and cleaning out file cabinets and folders in prep for another year. Time to do some of the same ole things again. :) I know 2014 will have some of the same ole same ole same ole everyday things,  but it will also have new adventures and its share of joys and trials.

I’d made a little list with a few things I wanted to do in Ohio, before we left for my mom and dad’s. I was able to do several of them and then the weather and snow changed our plans. I had plans to go eat lunch with this lovely lady. I’ve never met her in real life or as you might say, “hugged her around the neck”. I “met” her through my sister and continued to get to know her via blogland and facebook. Snow and inclement weather canceled our lunch plans, but we will try again! I did get to see my aunt’s new house and we got to eat pizza with my cousin and her family and my aunt and uncle. We’d hoped to go to Creation Musuem, but that got pushed back to another trip too. We stopped at Matthew’s brother’s in eastern KS, going and coming. We’re glad for a chance to hug our baby niece a little! 

It’s most likely going to be pretty quiet here on my blog for a little. Who knows though? Every time I think that, then I end up with some time or feel especially inspired! I still have some unpacking and I have a few projects I want to think about and have been reorganizing and at the moment, A Delightful Glow feels like it’s going to just relax for a little. I do have several photos I want to blog and I don’t want to miss too many Mondays. I enjoy my Monday posts. They make a great journal in a basic way. And I still have a stack of recipes I want to add eventually.

My Bible study ladies started a new study today. {affiliate link} It is True Woman by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian. I think it is going to be very good and inspiring. We had taken a break since the end of October, so it was fun to see my ladies again. And we have some new gals joining in and that will be fun too!

We are back at school and the laundry might be caught up. Not sure it ever really is. Matthew and Tucker cut firewood and the next few days forecast looks like we will be thankful for it! Not really quite ready to be back at my cleaning job, but oh well! I’m hoping for some down time and being home time here in January. Think it’s possible?!

Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas and have a very blessed 2014!


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    Happy Belated New Year to you!

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