Savoring Trust

I watch the steam rising from the cup.

I savor the smell.

Hot chocolate with a splash of coffee.

I warm my hands as I wrap them around the outside of the mug.

It’s cold outside and it’s a gray day and darkness creeps in earlier than usual.

The candle I lit in the morning flickers in the darkening evening.

I’ve tucked into a chair under my favorite cozy blanket and I contemplate a bit on life.

I watch my man’s pickup pull slowly out the driveway. He’s been cutting firewood. The temperatures have plummeted and a fire in our wood furnace feels all too good.

My back has been bothering me. Every so often it does this, causing simple things to be not so simple.

I stare into the warm brown of my hot chocolate and think about the beauty of the color and the blessing of the comfort of savoring its warmth and flavor.

Life ebbs and flows.

Pain and discomfort.

Weariness and disappointment.

Weakness and changing times.

Yet always~

His unfailing Presence.

Beauty in the broken.

Peace amid the pain.

He’s there.

He provides.

He pulls us through.

He makes every day a gift, even the bad ones, because this is the day that the Lord has made.

He sees.

He knows.

He feels.

My hot chocolate mug sits beside me, empty now.

It says TRUST. I trace the letters with my fingers.


Words of a familiar hymn swirl and hum through my mind…

Savior, happy would I be,

If I could but trust in Thee!

Trust thy wisdom me to guide,

Trust Thy goodness to provide.

Trust Thy saving love and power

Trust Thee every day and hour,

Trust in sickness and in health,

Trust in poverty and wealth,

Trust in joy and trust in grief,

Trust Thy promise for relief,

Trust Thy blood to cleanse my soul,

Trust Thy grace to make me whole.

Trust Thee living, dying too,

Trust Thee all my journey through,

Trust Thee, till my feet shall be,

Planted on the crystal sea.

Trust Thee, ever blessed Lamb,

Till I wear the victor’s palm,

Trust Thee till my soul shall be,

Wholly swallowed up in Thee.

Edward H. Nevin

T urning to God

R esting in Him

   U plifted by peace

              S ustained in His strength

                        T hanks and praise to His name.


Simply trusting. Letting go of me and clinging to Him.

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  1. 1
    Becky King says:

    Thanks for this post. You sum things up so well. Makes me think of a poem which ends, “Trust Him when to simply trust Him, seems the hardest thing of all.”

  2. 3

    Love the acronym. =)


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