Mary’s Ponderings and Praise

She held her newborn baby

And she gazed upon His face,

His little nose, His tiny ears,

His cheeks her fingers traced,

His thatch of hair, His baby hands,

She snugged him up so tight,

And noticed how the stardust,

Shone around Him, ah, so bright!

She wondered at the miracle,

This miracle of birth,

The entrance of a brand new life,

Come down to planet earth,

From safe inside the mother’s womb,

Where babe was cozy curled,

From quiet warmth to noisy cold,

Arrival to this world.

From heaven high, from glorious throne,

To lowly stable stall,

To parents, poor, yet full of love,

He came to save us all.

And can we really comprehend,

The meaning of that night?

God and flesh all in a babe,

Oh, what a glorious sight!

She held her baby bundle,

Nose buried in his neck,

So feather soft, his newborn skin,

Each moment she’d reflect,

Her thoughts went back, nine months ago,

The angels visit when,

He announced what was to come,

Her soul rejoiced within.

And she had said, “Oh, may it be,

My soul does glorify,

My spirit does rejoice in God,

Most holy up on high,

All generations call me blessed,

The Mighty One chose me?

His mercy He extends to all,

Great things He’s done for me.”

“His mighty deeds, His awesome acts,

Performed by powerful arm,

The hungry filled, the humble blessed,

Remembering all His own.

He scatters proud in inmost thought,

Brings mighty rulers down,

He helps His servant Israel,

From Abraham and on.”

Her eyes met his-her steady man,

Devoted, true, and good.

He’d married her and cared for her,

Done everything he could.

She smiled across the baby’s head,

Her heart thanked God for them,

Her husband dear, Her child new,

Her love so deep within.

All through the weary journey,

En route to Bethlehem,

He’d tried to make her comfortable,

On donkey or in inn.

She’d seen him cringe to bring her here,

A stable for his wife?

He’d known the babe was coming soon,

This precious brand new life.

Yet better place could there be found?

What better place to be?

For God was present here with them,

Surrounding them all three.

“Look how his forehead wrinkles up,”

She whispered to her man,

Their heads bent close together,

As they smiled to watch him yawn,

Her spirit did again rejoice,

With gratitude and praise,

An infant sent, Power present,

The Ancient of all Days.

The Word of Life, the Bread of Heaven,

The King of Kings is He,

the Son of Man, the Great I Am,

Deliverer, Majesty,

Messiah, Savior, First and Last,

Good Shepherd to His sheep,

Christ Jesus Lord! Beginning, End,

His name shall never cease!



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    Awesome! I love this!

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