Birthday Celebrations {Hello Monday}

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Hello to birthdays and celebrations! Birthdays seem to spin around so quickly anymore. I like parties and celebrations, although it takes more energy for me than it used too. Hmmm…. My kiddos have totally enjoyed decorating their own cakes the last three years. I totally enjoy letting them. I read somewhere about kids’ decorating their own cakes and thought it was brilliant. I made and decorated cakes for my kiddos when they were little, but it can take a lot of time!

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Hello to a a simple Broncos Manning 18 jersey cake! And hello to a great little cake decorator! Hello to the cake decorator having a nasty headache the night before his birthday. And it kept bothering him off and on all week. Thankfully never nearly as badly. It reminded me way too much of my migraine headaches. I started getting them when I was around his age. I’m not very happy about it. I was so sincerely hoping that both my children would escape them.

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Hello to working on pickup and porch! Hello to bran muffins! Hello to chilly days and hot drinks! Hello to playing Qwirkle and Trigger! Hello to a friend staying overnight with my son! Hello to having to make a raincheck date with my daughter’s friend, who ended up unable to come after all. Hello to prayers! Hello to going to a teahouse with my Bible study group! Hello to my husband getting a smartphone.{I am jealous.}{But,  neither do I want to spend the money on one.}{I will just snag his when we’re out and about.}{But, it’s still not the same, because somehow you just personalize your phone. Know what I mean?}

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Hello to my daughter working on her cake! She found this little lamb and wanted to make it. So she did. It was fun and he turned out quite cute. It made us think of Frisky. :)

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Hello to a few bits and pieces that made up our week last week! On to another!

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  1. 1

    Love the cakes! Your kiddos are so talented! Happy BirthdayS!

  2. 3
    Becky King says:

    Pretty neat cakes! Love the orange jersey and how it matches the jersey the birthday boy is wearing. That little lamb is so sweet, just like the birthday girl. Love seeing them working in the kitchen. Those Tucker expressions are priceless. I spy a Cardinal pillow pet in the background of the last picture.

    • 4

      Yes, the pillow pet’s name is Fitz. And his middle name is Gerald. His name was bestowed on him by his owner who loves him very much.

  3. 5

    Great cakes – both of them! I told my girls they can start doing their own cakes from now on too! I shake my head when I think of the weeks and weeks of planning I used to do for their birthdays. And all the lists of coordinating stuff I needed to buy! LOL! How time does change things!

    • 6

      It was fun doing birthday parties then. I still like to celebrate, but I’m very glad for it to take less time. Things have a way of changing…

  4. 7

    SO fun! We love to make our own cakes for birthdays, too.

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