A Bug in a Rug {Hello Monday}

Hello to a cute little bug in a rug!!


My sweet niece wrapped herself up in her blanket and was happily playing with her new Lego Friends Tree House. She looked so cute. I told her she was a bug in a rug. Later on she laid her blanket out on the floor and rolled herself up in it. She told me, “This is the bug rolling herself up in a rug.” I happily snapped pictures.


Some hellos from last week…Hello to a few more days with my mom and dad here! Hello to snow! Hello to eating Mexican a couple of times! Hello guacamole! Hello to relaxing! Hello to not quite wanting it to end, even though it is nice to get back into a normal schedule{whatever that is}.


Hello to missing this sweet smile! And those of her sisters. So glad we can travel, but living close together is better. Most of the time I’m used to it, but every now and then I just want to be able to get together for the afternoon.


Hello to the bug in a rug all cuddled down in a chair!




And some hellos for this week…Hello to January already getting busy, with dates and appointments being blocked into my calendar. Hello to getting back to school and getting up earlier…there is something so luxurious about laying in bed not having to get up…I am not a love-getting-out-of-bed person.





Hello to skirts to hem and laundry to do. Hello to Christmas decor to finish putting away. Hello to tea syrup that needs made. Hello to not running out of things that need done! Hello week!

What does your week hold?


Linking up with Lisa! Pop over there for some more hellos..

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  1. 1

    Now to just get the little ‘bug in a rug’ to get at her school work and do it in a timely manner!!
    My week holds sewing, and designing, and fluffing the house, and photography,and laundry, and school, and fixing food. I’d much prefer to just do the first 4 and forget the rest. But that wouldn’t be real life would it?!

    • 2

      I know…real life seems to hold those chores and things that we’d really rather not do. I’d just like to feel like I had enough time to do everything. I enjoy the household tasks-it’s just keeping up with everything, plus doing stuff I WANT to do besides!!

  2. 3

    My husband used to wrap the boys up tight like that and call it “baby burrito”, Blayton will still ask us to “roll me up like a taco”, lol. I’m taking the Christmas decor down and cleaning today, getting back to school tomorrow, and doing some cooking/baking this week, including tea syrup too :) We must be on the same tea-drinking schedule, although we’ve been out for a while and I couldn’t find Luzianne family size so I bought Lipton, we’ll see if it tastes as good :)

    • 4

      I’ve been using Lipton because I got a really good deal on several boxes. I do like Luzianne, but I don’t notice a lot of difference. And my husband drinks any kind of iced tea! :) I actually haven’t had Luzianne for a while because I’ve had coupons for Tetley and for Lipton. I made tea syrup right before Christmas. We went through a lot of tea with all my family here. Not everyone drinks tea, but there were enough more that do really like it, so we used it up quickly!

      Love the asking to be rolled up like a taco! :) :) And you have a darling baby that can be all bundled up!!

  3. 5
    Becky King says:

    We had such a blessed time together! Praise Jesus Christ the Lord! Through Him we are truly blessed. My week is full of catching up. Laundry almost finished, mail picked up but not quite sorted yet, need to go to Grandmas for more sorting and clearing, helping school girls Wednesday. Oh, yes, I will find something to do! Praise God for energy to do things.

    • 6


      Sorting through mail always takes a while I think! And it always takes a couple of days after a trip to get caught up on everything.

  4. 7

    Looks like she’s got the bug in the rug thing figured out! Glad she had a fun time…! :)

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