Three Places

Three places I would love to visit…


Hawaii ~ Europe ~ Prince Edward Island


Somehow these places have never inspired me to want to visit…


a jungle or rain forest or Siberia or Iceland


Where would you especially like to visit?



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  1. 1

    I love traveling. It doesn’t happen very often on our budget at all and when it does we only get the East Coast to see my hubby’s family. However, I would love to visit the rain forest, Siberia or Iceland :o) I love cold weather and dream of living in Alaska or Norway (I visited there when I was in high school and fell in love with it). Kenya is also very high on our list of “want-to”. Hope you get to your dream destinations soon!

  2. 3

    Well, you know where we go when we travel!
    After listening to Crystal this weekend I’m thinking I’m gonna make a 5 year goal of traveling to Europe. It can happen! Europe, England, Scotland, Austrailia…my list doesn’t stop at 3 I’m afraid:)
    And I’m with you on the places you don’t want to go. Anywhere cold – I’m stayin’ away, thank you very much.

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