Random Bits and Pieces

 Here are a few things I learned or thought or rejoiced in from my day yesterday:


  • I got to spend most of the day with my husband! We went on a combine parts/Lowes/Home Depot/Target day trip. {I was the only one too interested in the Target part of the trip.}


  • We stopped at a greenhouse to check out some different evergreen type options, so I learned a little about boxwoods and a little about Euonymus. I’m afraid I do not have much of a green thumb. That’s probably why God gave me a farmer for a husband. I need very low maintenance plants or else a live-in gardener. I’ve always thought having a cook and a gardener would be lovely. I always liked the Bobbsey Twin books and I liked Sam and Dinah who worked for the Bobbsey family. It certainly seemed like a great set up! 


  • It gets late really fast when it stays light till almost 9:00 and when you have several things you’re still trying to accomplish for the day.


  • I drove by a wheat field last evening and saw a really cute farmer in it, pulling rye. {Nasty ole rye, anyway} I honked at him and thought how happy I am to call him my man.


  • An ice cream cone with a dip of vanilla ice cream and then a dip of chocolate and then a dip of vanilla, is NOT the same thing as a twist ice cream cone. I repeat, it is NOT the same thing. And in case anyone is interested, a waffle cone is not the same thing as a cake cone either.


  • My sister won a giveaway from Miss Mustard Seed. She is beyond excited. My sister-not Miss Mustard Seed. Although I’m sure Miss Mustard Seed is excited for whoever wins her giveaways.


  • All these random thoughts and happenings that I’m listing made me think of this post. It is a fun read and gives you a chance to learn some synonyms for random.


  • I wonder if having Target as your go to place when shopping for household stuff makes you a redneck. If anyone has researched this they can let me know. In the meantime I will continue checking Target for towels and rugs and numerous other things. Target is definitely a go to place for me! 



  • We watched a little boy riding the mechanical horse at Wal-mart and we talked about how fast our kiddos are growing up. I miss my toddlers and preschoolers and kindergarteners. There are some things about older kids that are super nice. One of them being their ability to do so much for themselves. Smaller kids take a lot of care, but boy are they fun and funny, too! Thinking about this caused me to go dig out a couple of old pictures. I love old pictures! 



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  1. 1

    I had to smile when you commented about the cute farmer. I feel the same way about a certain cute engineer!
    I have an appointment to talk on the phone with Reni from Bliss and Tell – the branding company I won the giveaway to. I’m SO excited!
    I love the old pictures too. where did the time go? Reminds me to enjoy these busy, often stressful days because I will soon be looking back on them too.

  2. 2
    Becky King says:

    Ah! Those cute little kids! I remember when R made the leis, I think we were there at the time. T did a good job making a copy of himself. Let’s go to Target together sometime.

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