Moving = Busy

I have been missing my blog world. I have been missing jumping over to the blogs I like to read or checking into a couple new blogs from links or twitter. Moving seems to give a whole new meaning to busy.

The middle of last week we started the actual moving process, so everything else was put on the back burner or bottom shelf or in box or bag. Something like that.

We are basically moved!!! I am excited. I still have things at our old house to go through and get rid of and we still have a few things to move.

I cannot believe the amount of “stuff” we have accumulated in our 14 1/2 years of married life. It seems a little crazy. I confess that I am a “stuff” person. I love kids’ toys and I could own so many bags and jackets-not that I need them. I do get rid of stuff, but not like one of my friends does. If she doesn’t use something in a certain amount of time, it goes. She is definitely a minimalist. I, on the other hand, not so much. We do have several pretty large piles of things that need to find another home. I look at the piles and I think, “You mean we had all this “stuff” in our home that we weren’t even using and really didn’t need or want? Just taking up space?!! Ridiculous! Having to go through everything is a part of moving that I love.

I am also enjoying organizing everything in our new space. it is so fun to have everything fresh and in place. Here’s crossing my fingers for how long it will stay…

I am also looking forward to settling into a more normal routine again-somewhat anyway.

I’m off to get the day started. Pretty sure it’s going to involve organizing and sorting and putting away and hopefully a little blog reading!!

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  1. 1
    Becky King says:

    I really don’t envy all the work of moving but it would be good for me to have a motivating reason to go through “stuff” and get rid of! So glad you are moved in and can’t wait to come see you. Happy “organizing, sorting, and putting away”!

  2. 2

    I’ve been missing you too! I want some photos please:)
    so fun that you are mostly moved already but I feel like I missed out. Can’t wait to get out there.

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