I Like to HomeSchool Because..

I am not really a patient person most of the time.

At one point in my life I would have looked at Moms that homeschooled and thought that they had it all together and all had the patience of Job.

Now, I know better. Every Mom has her times, whether or not she homeschools. Even the most patient of patient. Unfortunately. At least we have each other for company! But, I am getting sidetracked. I doubt any mother homeschools because she said, “I am so patient that I know homeschooling is just the thing for me.”

Oh, and I hope you aren’t reading the title of this post and then the first sentence of the post as one of my reasons. As in “I like to homeschool because I am not really a patient person most of the time.” My not being patient is just a preface and I will get to my reasons before too long. Just wanted to clarify that! :) The title and the opening probably don’t really go together. Oh well.

Anyway…when we started homeschooling I soon realized there was at least one mom that homeschooled that didn’t have it all together and didn’t have the patience of Job. Not even close! Sometimes I think homeschooling teaches me more than it does my kids. At least it tries anyway. I seem to be a slow learner.

I have learned how selfish I am. Just becoming a mother soon taught me that. I’ve also learned how impatient I am. And I don’t like to be interrupted. And, and, and… I’m afraid I can all too often have an “It’s all about me,” attitude. Which isn’t at all how I want to be. Which is probably part of the reason I do home school, so the Lord can do a work in me and make me more like He wants me to really be!


I like to home school because:

  1. It teaches me to be more like Him.
  2. I get a refresher course on academics.
  3. We like the flexibility.
  4. We like the time we get to have with our kids.
  5. We like that they are learning life skills along with schoolbooks.
  6. We like the relationship they are building with each other.
  7. With our farm and school and other jobs that we do, we like being able to carve out our own schedule.
  8. I like being able to use Bible based curriculum.
  9. I love the funny things they come up with sometimes.
  10. I like seeing their excitement when they learn something new and exciting to them.
  11. I like seeing the lightbulb come on.
  12. I like all the awesome home school paraphernalia that is available.

Yes, those our some of my/our own personal reasons that we like homeschooling. On the heels of that I will say that I don’t find fault with anyone that doesn’t home school. Each family’s lives and situations are unique and individual to them. I am very thankful that I have been blessed with the opportunity to home school my kiddos. It’s not all rosy by any means, but nothing in life ever is.

Ever since my daughter became school age I have felt pretty certain about one point. Whether your kids get on a bus each morning or whether you drive them to school or whether they do school in your living room, having a school-age kid changes things. Having a school schedule just changes life, compared to when all you have are preschoolers and/or toddlers and babies. And I guess that’s life-always changing!

What is something you like about your kids’ school?

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