I need a Saturday after every day of the week.

As in…Monday, Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday, and so on.

It’s so nice to not have to think about schoolwork. Or laundry. Sometimes I do laundry on Saturdays, but often I don’t. It’s nice to catch up on things that need catching up on. Some Saturdays are great just for relaxing. Other Saturdays we do fun stuff. I feel like I can catch my breath a little. When Monday comes it’s jump in and start all over again!

Today was one of my favorite kinds of Saturdays.

I didn’t have a lot that had to be done. My kiddos were quite absorbed in playing with their Cars. Lighting McQueen and crew Cars. The house was open and a wonderful cool air was wafting in periodically. I did some putting away of “stuff”. We took a combination walk/bike ride. I walked. Renae rode her bike. Tucker rode his bike for a ways. Then he left it at the side of the road and ran. I guess that would make it a combination walk/bike ride/ run. Sprocket walked and ran, but he did no bike riding. I should’ve ran. Sometimes I do, but today I only walked. I like to ride my bike, but we have bicycle struggles. This beautiful, wonderful Kansas landscape has sandburrs and stickers. They are really good at giving a bicycle flat tires.

So, my bike needs new tubes and I was too lazy to put air in my tires and my good husband was in the field and wasn’t available to put air in the tires for me, as he so nicely does when he is in the shed working and we come dragging our bikes with flat tires.

My son kind of just needs a whole new bike. We have several bikes around our farm of varying sizes and styles. One bike, that he likes, is too small for him. The bike that is his size is just plain hard to ride. Matthew says it isn’t geared right or something like that. So, maybe a new bike will be a good Christmas gift idea.

I put potatoes and hamburger in the oven before we took our combination walk/bike ride/ run. So, when lunch time rolled around, we boxed up our lunches to take to the field where our husband/daddy was working. How come food boxed into a styrofoam box and eaten at the field just sorta tastes better than it would’ve at home? Must be the novelty. Or maybe it’s the same principle as when my dad used to swipe some of my french fries and say”Oh, they taste so much better when they’re someone else’s”.

I was sleepy in the afternoon, so I posted on facebook that I was sleepy. I’m sure all my facebook friends had really been wondering if I was sleepy or energetic or lethargic or alert.  Anyways, my mom commented on my fb status and told me to take a nap. And aren’t you always supposed to heed your mother? I actually had tried to take a nap earlier. I laid down and my cell phone promptly rang. My son had stayed in the tractor with his daddy after lunch and was ready to come home. So, I got up off the couch and went and got him. Came home. Laid down again, because I was still sleepy. Let’s just say I rested. About the time I would’ve drifted off for a little the Cars characters had a really exciting scene happening and it involved a good bit of noise.

We then went out to the trampoline since we have been being blessed with beautiful fall weather, and I read aloud to R&T. Then I read one of my own books to myself and they continued on with their Cars saga.

Later on in the afternoon I made Pumpkin Scones. I found the idea on Money Saving Mom. Go here for the printable recipe. I love pumpkin recipes and this one sounded delicious. Not only do they have one glaze, but two. Powdered Sugar Glaze and Spice Glaze. It definitely sounded like something to try. Money Saving Mom said she only did one glaze instead of the two, because she thought that sounded like a little bit of sugar overload. She is probably right, but I was definitely going for the sugar overload. How can you not try Powdered Sugar Glaze and Spiced Glaze? There’s just something about a recipe with the name spiced in it. And with pumpkin in it.

Pumpkins make me think of something fun I want to do on one of our Saturdays. We have a Harvest Farm and Pumpkin Patch not too far from us and the children enjoy going every fall. There’s lots of fun stuff to do plus picking out a pumpkin to cart home with you. I love all the pretty pumpkins and gourds and squash for fall decorating.

When my husband came home from the tractor for the day, I asked him if he was hungry. He said that he was and that scrambled eggs sounded good. Suited me, cause scrambled eggs are easy. I scrambled eggs and I laughed. It struck me funny because the whole fourteen years we’ve been married breakfast for supper has never been his favorite thing. Whereupon we had a friendly disagreement about his not liking breakfast for supper in all these years we’ve been married. He thought that he didn’t like other foods FOR breakfast that aren’t technically breakfast foods. (but I know better…I know on a very few occasions I’ve fixed breakfast for supper and he did not favorite it) ha! ha! It totally makes me laugh how as male and female we can view things so differently and how we both know we’re right. 😉

So that’s pretty much the main points of my day. My favorite kind of Saturday!


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  1. 1

    Sounds like a great Saturday! Wish I could try those scones -guess I’ll have to make some. Or have Big sister make them:)
    Sounds like the Cars saga was intense! I miss your kids. We should trade for awhile-haha!

    • 2

      The scones are worth making! I’m ready to see you all too. This morning I felt kind of homesick for Ohio. I think because we have talked about coming and it hasn’t worked out.

  2. 3
    Becky King says:

    Interesting that you mentioned T needing a new bike. Gpa was just asking about his bike the other day and wondering if that might be a good Christmas gift. Your comment about always heeding your Mother gave me a chuckle. The pumpkin scones sound delish. And when you mentioned going to the pumpkin patch I wanted to cry out, “Don’t go without me!” Then I remembered that I probably won’t be there to go along. And your Dad STILL likes to grab someone else’s food—-” It tastes so much better when it is someone else’s.”

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