A Girl and Her Kittens

Every farm and every girl should have a kitten.

Or two or three or ten. Ten? Maybe not ten. Ummm, yeah, ten. Right now our farm has ten cats.

And one farm girl who seriously loves each and every one. And names each and every one. And mourns each and every one when it dies or disappears.

That is why we have ten cats.

This is Violet.



She is our oldest cat. We’ve had her several years. She is a good cat and a good mouser. And she has the cutest, fluffiest kittens. She also is very good at hiding her kittens, so they are often wild. This year R&T found them before they were totally wild and have eventually tamed them all pretty well.


This is…well, I don’t know who this is, because I can’t keep up with all the kittens and who’s who, and I just don’t remember things like I used to.



This is a girl and her kitten. This kitten’s name is Unusual. Literally.




This is a girl looking up into the tree, coaxing her kittens to come down.



One kitten coming down..(I think his name is Cutie)




A girl and her kittens. We’re so glad we have them.

If it was up to My Love and I, we would have two, maybe three cats. But for a girl that we love? Having ten cats is just fine!



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  1. 1

    Amazing the things we will put up with for our kids huh??
    She’s so adorable and so sweet how could you possibly not allow her to have her kittens?!!

  2. 2
    Becky King says:

    I totally love that girl!!! The kittens? They are ok if they don’t get under my feet.


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