More Quotes From True Woman 201

 You can read the first post on True Woman 201 over here…     True Woman 201 What true women have you been inspired by? I feel blessed to know a lot of women who desire to be true women of God and to strive for Him. I didn’t say perfect. They’re real. We’re real. [Read On]


May Flexi 2015 Early Arrival and New Headbands and A Sale!

  We have new items and sales today at Lilla Rose! New design on headbands!   New Elegant Flower flexi and bobbies! April 23-25th ~ 10% off of the new headbands and the May flexi ~ And 20% off of other select items!   And meet Grace ~ arriving early for Mother’s Day! Our May [Read On]


A Lollipop Bouquet

  My brother had a birthday coming up and I knew what I wanted to make and gift him with for his birthday. I’d pinned the idea for a Lollipop Bouquet to my Pinterest Gift-Giving Ideas Board. Over at A Mom’s Life her daughter had made one for her brother’s birthday and I thought it [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 68}

Did you have a good week last week? I certainly hope so. I noticed these little pans in my cupboard a few weeks ago. They’d been tucked away and I’d forgotten them. We had three bananas that were getting too dark and overripe, so I flipped through my cookbooks and found my Banana Bread recipe [Read On]


Three Things {Favorite Finds No. 4} Pampered Chef Cooling Rack, Glass Bottles, Insulated 31 Water Bottle Thing-a-ma-jig,

Drumroll! Da-da-da-dum! I’ve been wanting to post more of my favorites. There are so many days that I think, “I’m going to blog.” and then I get busy with with something else that HAS to be done or I get sidetracked with another project or interruptions or unexpected things come up or I get a [Read On]

easter eggs 019

My Littles and Easter {Strolling Down Memory Lane}

I found myself looking at our old Easter pictures and laughing and as always, wondering how the years have galloped along so fiercely in such a fast fashion. Oh, these chubby faces and exuberant expressions and short arms and legs! Green has always been this boy’s favorite color. He dyed all his Easter eggs green this [Read On]


When, On The One Hand You Want To Dissolve Into Maniacal Laughter…

Life certainly has its moments. “You seem like you just have it all together.” THAT. That is what a friend recently said to me. Alrighty then. While I appreciated the thought and the compliment, {who doesn’t appreciate a good compliment now and then?} this big part inside of me wanted to fall down on the [Read On]


True Woman 201

I’m excited to tell you about True Woman 201. If you read my Memoir Monday this week, I talked about it there and shared my excitement! If you already read about it, you can scroll down and check out the graphics and quotes from the study that the launch team is sharing this week. All [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 67}

I found this on my counter one afternoon~ handy-dandy pen holder comprised of various items from my paper drawer in the kitchen. Only problem~it doesn’t stand up very well by itself. There’s That Kitty. I really do have a soft spot for him. And I have fun teasing the owner and trying to convince the [Read On]


I Love You Pillows

I’m so in love with these I Love You pillows.   For a couple of reasons. For starters, I think they’re terribly cute. For another thing, my daughter created and crafted them. So, of course!! They are just so fun to me. She had the idea and had sketched it out in a notebook and [Read On]


We Visit Exploration Place

We had a fun daytrip and outing clear way back at the beginning of the year, when my family was here for birthdays and to see us and be with us. We visited Exploration Place. We were there when our kiddos were much younger. Neither one of them remembered it just a whole lot. I [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 66}

Pictures and pictures and pictures! I made a stuffed sweet pepper recipe that sounded fun to try. The peppers were so pretty as they patiently waited to get filled with cream cheese. Modern day pool player. Handy dandy holder. I scattered my Easter treat for my man on the dresser top….because candy is so pretty! [Read On]


Spraying With a Sprayer

  I was out and about a bit, at about the same time as my farmer and his sprayer took off on their maiden voyage spraying wheat on our farm. I wandered over to the field and took some pictures. I enjoy it when it works out for me to snap farmy photos. Many times [Read On]


Wherein She-Who-Seldom Crafts, Crafts an Easter Wreath

I’m EXCITED!!! I made a wreath. Well, kind of. I did not make everything with my own bare hands from scratch, from vines and branches grown in my yard and garden, from fibers woven on my loom, and from plastic melted over my own fire and paint stirred together from crushed berries and whatever else. [Read On]

Lilla Rose Sale

Spring Sale at Lilla Rose and the April Flexi 2015

  It’s just the week for stuff to happen! I have a giveaway for a Satin Hands Set happening over here if you haven’t entered, spring and sunshine are lurking around, and Easter is approaching! Aaannndddd….. Lilla Rose decided to have a sale! If you’ve not tried our headbands, this is your opportunity! I love the [Read On]


Marshmallow Peeps Surprise Cupcakes

I clicked over to Pinterest a few weeks ago to browse for a bit. Pinterest has started doing that whole picked-for-you bit and selecting pins for your feed. I hadn’t paid that much attention and probably really wouldn’t have realized they were doing this, except a few days earlier I had read a sarcastic humor comment [Read On]


Soft Hands For Spring! Mary Kay Satin Hands Set Giveaway

Good Morning! I’m giving away a favorite of mine today. I really wanted to do it earlier, more of a winter-take-care-of-your-hands, but it didn’t happen. Instead, we’ll celebrate soft hands for spring and an Easter week giveaway. One of my friends gave me a Satin Hands Set for my birthday a whole bunch of years [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 65}

 Photo evidence of events of the week… Tucker’s tree blooming! Getting familiar with sprayer and settings and lots of details to figure out. All above my head. I just took pictures. Two cuddly puppies. The big one was mine when I was young. I fell in love with his droopy eyes and bought him with [Read On]


Spring and Easter Decor

I was starting to feel like winter was running a bit long, even though it was only the beginning of March. Just that longing for sunshine and spring and birds chirping and green shoots shooting up. And while I’d enjoyed my touches of Valentine and red, February had zipped past, taking Valentine’s Day with it. [Read On]


When Cookie Dough and a Kitchen Aid Mixer Catch Your Eye, This is What You Get

I walked away from my mixer. Not always the smartest thing for a cook to do. But then I’m far from the smartest. Fact is, I’m pretty simple. I knew that my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe was a big one. I knew it filled the mixer up pretty good. But the dough needed to [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 64}

Last week….. We put on fertilizer …. Wow. A lot happened last week and it seems like a long time ago already. We baked cookies. We made Easter/spring cupcakes that I hope to give their own blogpost… We burnt candles. I’ve felt blessed to have the cozy flickering of candles on many days through the winter [Read On]


Hauling Hopper Bin Bottoms

Once again the days are moving along and the mile long list of winter time projects has been shortened a bit, but never as much as my husband would like it to be. I try to comfort him with the fact of, we-wouldn’t-want-to-run-out-of-things-to-do, but he never bites on that very well. I also argue that this-is-life and [Read On]


Thankful That the Bible Meets Me in Real Life {Five Minute Friday}

Life is real, Life is earnest, And the grave is not its goal, Dust thou art to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow {Find all the eloquent words here ~} REAL. The writing prompt for this Five Minute Friday. The verse above was one of the first things to pop [Read On]


A Very Disjointed Blog Post About Words and Manners and Wastebaskets

Words interest me. There are old terminologies that make me laugh. There are lots of words that are way over my head. There’s something that I think we all have in common and that would be an appreciation of kind words spoken to us or about us. I’ve heard  and read stories of the opposite. People can [Read On]


Quick and Simple: Detailing a Chocolate Bunny

 Quick and Simple. That’s what the title says. That’s what it means. No rocket science here. But, if you’ve visited before, you already knew that! Want to add a fun touch to a chocolate bunny? A simple and super easy one? YOU WILL NEED: at least one chocolate bunny {or a dozen or two or [Read On]

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