Memoir Monday {No. 52}

My sister and me and our baby girls ~ Do you want to build a snowman? Gifting Grandma with Samantha, an American Girl Doll. Grandma has had a lot and a lot of fun and enjoyment shopping at American Girl for her granddaughters over the years and this year it was their turn to shop [Read On]

Personalized Pillow ~ When our Household was Established!

A Few Words and a Personalized Pillow

    Just popping in to put a few words out in blog land. We arrived home Tuesday evening. Once again we traveled safely back and forth over all those miles and highways between Kansas and Ohio. We are thankful. Even though our December plans have ended up completely rearranged, we were glad we could [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 51}

Pheasant in the crockpot ~ Handy-dandy defrost vent!! Pizza crust ~ Moving trees ~ Cookies delivered to our door by some cute little boys. Renae works a couple of hours each week for their mother. The cookie with all the eyes was made especially for Renae. Spice cupboard rearrange and reorganization and changing around of some [Read On]


Do You Want to Cut Some Milo?

Posting some of my milo cutting pictures from earlier this fall… Do you want to cut some milo? Or ride the combine round the field? Just climb aboard and shut the door, We’ll see what it’s going to yield. It gets a little itchy, From the milo dust, Just swirling around the cab… {back and [Read On]

Simple Spiced Wassail

Simple Spiced Wassail

  Tis the season! Of cold weather and hot drinks. Here on our farm we like the occasional coffee, hot chocolate with a touch of coffee, and sometimes hot tea. I also like to make wassail during the Christmas season. It’s so pretty and there’s something cozy and homey and Christmasey about it simmering on [Read On]


We Throw a Party

I had a friend who turned forty this fall. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to throw a party! I really love setting things up for a party. It does take time and effort, so it doesn’t always happen. Lovely fall flower arrangement! It was part of my friend’s gift and served as our centerpiece too! [Read On]


Another Miracle

 Two years ago our first-niece-who-lives-in-Kansas arrived! Now she is a big sister. To a new little sister. And we are so excited. Two little girls! Two mighty miracles arriving in miniature, gifted from God. I always forget how tiny a new baby is and how soft and how sweet. Meet our two-year old niece when she [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 50}

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? We did. We had a yummy dinner at Matthew’s Mom and Dad’s and we got to play with and squeeze and laugh at our niece. So, yep it was good. Did you cook for Thanksgiving? My mother-in-law did most of our dinner this year. I took green bean casserole. [Read On]

Jewelry in Candles

Candles and Autumn and Christmas

 Ever since I became a wife and homemaker in 1997, and set up housekeeping in our first cozy, rental home, I’ve enjoy burning candles. Well, even before that I liked it. My sis and I shared a room and we had candle holders and would burn candles in the evenings, while we read our books, and many [Read On]


Black Friday Sale For Lilla Rose, Deborah & Co, JIC

It’s Black Friday ~so of course that means sales everywhere.   I’m highlighting my Lilla Rose, Jewlery in Candles, and Deborah & Co. ALL LILLA ROSE FANS!!   Thought you might want to know………   ABOUT   The best sale of the year at Lilla Rose! 3 DAY “Black Friday” SALE 20%-50% Off Everything!Plus Free [Read On]


Thankful on Thanksgiving Day ~

Happy Thanksgiving!   Praise to God our Father and words from the archives ~ Father, We Praise You   Father, we praise you for life and for love, Father we praise you in heaven above, Father, we praise you for your mighty power, Father, we praise you this day and this hour, Father, we thank [Read On]


More Beans To Cut

One of the irrigated circles Matthew checks, had double crop soybeans on it. Everything happens in groups it seems…. We had wheat to drill, milo to cut, and these beans to cut. We were glad to get it all done…….and earlier than some years. It’s not uncommon to have milo to cut on Thanksgiving. Now [Read On]


Thankful for Photos and for Little People

A few falls past… these were my little people… I’m so thankful for photos, because I forget. I forget how little they were and the chubby cheeks and the daily details of yesterday. I’m so thankful for photos of my little people. And I’m so thankful for these children of ours. Counting blessings and recalling [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 49}

Hot drinks and snow on the ground ~ so began our week last week! Little snowman…  Want to know what era you are from? Finish this sentence. IF ALL ELSE FAILS,________________________. My daughter and I were trying to figure out how to attach a lid with snaps onto the fabric bin it belonged on. We [Read On]

Harvest Apple Cake

Harvest Apple Cake

 This cake has long been a favorite recipe of mine. I’ve made it for a lot of years and don’t even remember when I first made it. I find myself pulling out the recipe every autumn and at other times of the year too! When I have extra apples, I chop up enough for this [Read On]


Good-Bye Braces!

October found us at the orthodontist ready to say good-bye to braces! Everything went very well, according to the orthodontist, and the braces got to come off earlier than we were thinking. Double hooray! Matthew and I, neither one ever had braces, so we really couldn’t relate to Renae in this experience. My older sister [Read On]


You Alone, Jesus

Lord, you are awesome and I give you praise, Lord, YOU are my Savior! Please guide my ways, Root me and place me just where I should be. Lord, may no idols rise above Thee. Break down my idols whatever they are, Break them, Replace them! With all that YOU are, Grow in me Jesus, Make [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 48}

Winter Arrived! Monday started at as a beautiful fall day with sunshine and seventy degrees. In the afternoon, the wind picked up from the north and the sunshine started to disappear and the temp started to drop. Winter arrived along with a big wind and cold temperatures. It settled in for the week and appears [Read On]


Gifts and Gift Packaging

I’ve long loved gifts and gift packaging. It rather goes along with decor and homemaking in a way, I suppose. In both cases, I am putting together things I like or love and fixing them in a way that makes me smile. I’ve wished before that I could run a little gift packaging business. Not [Read On]

DSC_8241 1

Which One?

Because I liked these pictures…. And because I liked them…… IN COLOR…. IN SEPIA…. IN BLACK AND WHITE….. WHICH COLOR IS MY FAVORITE???   I REALLY DON’T KNOW!!!   Hmmmm……   What do you think?!!! Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2014


Memoir Monday {No. 47}

Apples patiently waiting to get made into apple dumplings! Because, you know, you can’t have harvest without a spill or two. The moon was beautiful last week. Stripey socks ~ because they’re fun. I was so excited to get to go to our niece’s Hello Kitty birthday party! And of course, you need a Hello [Read On]


From Point A to Point B to Point C

When we got married, I started out driving a 1989 two door gray Blazer that still had a tape deck and I still listened to cassette tapes. I loved my little gray Blazer. My young husband had sold his black 1993 Chevy stepside pickup right before we got married and bought the Blazer for us. [Read On]


Amid the Turns {Five-Minute Friday}

It’s that time of year. The leaves have turned. The weather is turning. And turns and turns again. Teasing us. Beautiful and gorgeous and just right one day. Then changing and turning cold the next. Calm and cool. Windy and wild. Sunny and soft. From one extreme to another here in this Kansas land. It [Read On]


Lilla Rose Sale November 2014

Surprise Sale!   Lilla Rose is offering a two-day sale! This one is 10% off of holiday-themed items and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $40! {I am always all about free shipping!} The sale runs today and tomorrow ~ Thursday, November 6th and Friday, November 7th! Get a jump start on your holiday shopping! Flexis [Read On]


The Ultimate Christian Living Bundle

I’m joining in with other bloggers to spread the word about The Ultimate Christian Living Bundle. If you’ve been wanting some new reading material or eyeing any of the titles below, this is a great time to snag them, plus a bunch of extras! Add them to your library and/or gift some to friends and [Read On]

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