Darling Kittens

We adopted a stray kitten last year, that showed up at one of our aunts’ house. My kiddos named her O’Malley and she’s been a really good cat. Right after we returned from Hatteras, she blessed our farm with three of the cutest kittens to be born here in a long, long time!! Simply darling. {As [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 78}

  First things first. Cooper is happy to announce two giveaways that you should pop in and enter. This one over at Sew a Fine Seam ~ She is celebrating her third anniversary for Sew a Fine Seam as a business and is giving away the winner’s choice of a HOME t-shirt and also giving [Read On]


The Wheat Is Cut

  Every stalk has been cut. Well, practically. There’s always a few that get missed or run close along the edge of the field, left to wave in the wind until the disk starts in. Every bushel has been hauled. Kernels so small when by themselves or in groups of two or three or twelve. [Read On]


Yarn Along…Dishcloths and the Penderwicks

  Linking up with Ginny.…. WELL!! I surprised myself. Yarn Along has inspired me to pick up those knitting needles! It helped to get my knitting out again and then I see it and pick it up and work on it here and there or if I get a phone call or have a few [Read On]


Sunflower July 2015 Flexi

Look what bloomed for July! A bright, cheery, sunny Sunflower flexi! I’m thinking this is rather of a perfect flexi for a Kansan! Accompanying the flexi this month are matching Sunflower you-pins. You can find them both over here at Lilla Rose… If you are brand-new to Lilla Rose, you can go over to this [Read On]


Choose Gratitude Blessings Journal Giveaway

I’ve been happy to have several giveaways to bring you recently. I like giveaways! They’re fun to host, fun to enter, and fun to win! As always, I’m thrilled about this one! It’s just fun to share about things and ideas I love! And part of the fun of getting to give away favorite stuff! [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 77}

Renae had this Cameo Appearance flexi in at the beginning of last week and I loved how it looked with her braid and her shirt. Harvest kept on rolling. Peterbilt kept rolling. For the most part. Combine breakdown at the end of the week. We encountered way too many ticks one night at the field. [Read On]

renae and becca make a mermaid-8

And Then There Were Mermaids

  {these lovely photos are credit to my incredible sister at Sew a Fine Seam}   The creative possibilities are endless on a beach full of sand and shells and an ocean providing an endless water supply for sand that needs dampened slightly to form and mold. On Friday evening the girls sculpted and crafted [Read On]


Dream On! {Five Minute Friday}

Dreams and hopes and plans. They are important. They offer adventure and hope and life. Life without the looking forward or the what-ifs or the reaching-for-the-stars becomes flat-lined and dull and dreary. A dismal thing to trudge through completing tasks, but missing the miracles woven in the moments. The clean, tidy kitchen with each dish [Read On]


Of Cutting and Filling and Unloading

  Golden stalks. Golden Grain. Crisp stubble. Hold off rain. Cutting up. Cutting down. Across and Over. All around. Combine Bin. Getting Full. Chaser Bin. Dump it all. Augers out. Emptying loads. Truck full. Off it goes. Elevator. Wait in line. Dump. Repeat. Harvest time. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2015


Yarn Along ~ Just a Dishcloth and Savor

  I actually worked on my dishcloth some more! I thought it might be just in the very same stage as last week. My cousin and her family are here visiting and her husband is helping out my farmer man during harvest. We’ve had some moments here and there to chat and I worked on [Read On]


Favorite Finds {No. 5}

How ’bout some favorite finds again? It’s been a bit since No. 4. ONE   This bright and happy silicone cup holder!! I got these at a little shop in our local town and have loved them. I have three others and they are all different shapes and designs. I’d only taken a picture of [Read On]


From The Harvest Field

  We loaded up supper on Saturday evening and we loaded up ourselves and my daughter ended up in the driver’s seat. And I said, “If you’re going to drive, I’m going to eat on the way there.” We backed out of the garage and we drove down the lane and turned onto our dirt [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 76}

I’m so happy to have flowerpots on my porch this year! I’ve been enjoying them. Last year, I didn’t feel good and couldn’t water them or even really get anything for the porch. We had some hanging pots and a couple out by the old garage, but that was more than enough to keep watered. [Read On]


Love to Take Pictures? Here’s The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle Sale

I love to take pictures. I’m definitely not in the pro category and lean towards amateurish, but I love my camera and snapping away. I procrastinate with offloading and they pile up on my camera card all too often! I like to play around with the settings on my camera and keep slowly learning a [Read On]


It’s a Summer Blessing Giveaway

I have several giveaways coming up here at A Delightful Glow and I’m really thrilled about this one. I’m really happy I had the opportunity to team up with Woman to Woman Ministries and several great bloggers for this. I’ve loved Thirty-One bags for a long time now and I’ve thought it would be fun [Read On]

matthew and deborah family-24

On Father’s Day

  It’s Father’s Day. This family, this wife, this daughter, this son. We are just so thankful for this man. The one I call husband. And my Love. The one they call Dad. Or daddy. Or daddy-boy. The one they greet almost every time they see him, “Hey, Dad!” The one that for a while [Read On]


Treasured Up and Pondered ~ Dolphins and My Daughter

On Saturday morning, my daughter and I circle down the stairs and out the sliding door, past the pool, the white gate creaking on its hinges as we swing it open. My bag, hangs, heavy on my arm, because I filled it with my Bible study and two of the books I’ve been reading. A water [Read On]


Harvest 2015 Begins

    We’ve been ready to get this harvest started! We’re glad for the rain we’ve had, but we’re ready to cut wheat. The grain hasn’t wanted to dry down and we’ve had damp mornings. I got up this morning and looked out and it looked like Ohio! Gray, foggy, damp, humid. Not a bit [Read On]


Just a Campfire

Gather Around. Gather Supplies. Put it all in. Make it all nice. We stoke it up. And add some more. Let it burn down. We’ll make some smores. Shake it quick! Give it a blow! Gaze at the flames. Watch as they glow. Home. Together  Great way to be, Just a campfire. You, me and [Read On]


Yarn Along ~ Dishcloth and Dear Mr. Knightley

Every Wednesday, over at Small Things, Ginny hosts a Yarn Along link-up. I was intrigued when I recently discovered it and I knew it would be fun to link up. I only knit dishcloths, so I don’t have a huge variety of knitting projects. And my knitting is come and go. I’ll have it out [Read On]


Lilla Rose Sale {10% Off Everything and 30% Off Select Items} and July Flexi

Lilla Rose time!! The best time to shop for things you love are when you can catch a sale and not only get what you love, but save on it at the same time. Definitely win-win! We have a sale! And we have some new styles! Make sure to check them out further down the [Read On]


Spring/Summer Style

A good while back, clear back in the end of 2013, I shared a Style for the Season post. Several ladies went together and posted Winter/Christmas outfits. I enjoyed the post and have thought off and on, I’d do it again. But haven’t. Recently, I’ve been putting some outfits together that I like, but then [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 75}

THAT Kitty! Renae and I went to a craft class at our local library and made these little chalkboards. It was fun and we were both excited with our chalkboards. It was fun to see all the variety in the class. Combine, combine, there’s our combine…. My poor man has spent an awful lot of [Read On]


In Which We Wander On the Beach

In the early morning stillness and sunshine we wander on the beach. My daughter and my niece and I. We take pictures. And the girls get silly and my niece proclaims “I am a crab,” in a falsetto tone and we laugh and I snap pictures and remember all the times, my teenage friends and [Read On]

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