Open Me Gift Tags

  Remember the little gift boxes in this post with the Open Me tags that I picked up at Ikea? It struck me to try making a few of my own tags!! While I like the ones from Ikea, better, {they just look more refined} these were fun to make. I’ve also used the idea [Read On]

Yarn Along {Morty the Monkey and Mrs. Mary Malarkey’s Seven Cats}

Meet Morty the Monkey! Isn’t he the cutest monkey ever?! We were recently part of a fundraiser auction online that was raising money to help fund an adoption. The money is going to help bring home a young boy who will soon be aging out. This monkey was one of the donated items and I bid [Read On]

Ten Things To Offer Support To Those Mourning the Loss of a Loved One

  Today’s Ten on Tuesday Topic~ Ten Things You Can Do To Be Supportive When Someone Dies Linking up over at Carole Knits… I feel very inadequate when it comes to offering comfort or doing things for others during a time of loss. Different things speak to different people, so unless I am very personally [Read On]

It’s a Cake Pop Photo Shoot

  Pretty as a party. Yes?! Paper stuff makes me happy. Pretty paper liners. Paper straws. Throw in some confetti and some sprinkles. Ooo-lah! So fun to style and snap pictures of. #cultivatingbeauty Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2015

Memoir Monday {No. 91}

Hello gazing over to the farm! Hello seed wheat work. Hello turkeys strolling through. You’re fun to see, but let’s not get too friendly. Hello yummy baguettes! Hello beautiful super moon! Hello spring bulbs ready to be planted! Hello gorgeous roses! I’ve crushed on you all summer. Hello green! Hello lovely squash and pumpkin vines. [Read On]

Of Seed Wheat and Drilling

  Seedtime and harvest as long as the earth remains. Cycles. Seasons. And it’s that time again. Time to screen and treat the seed wheat. Time to cultivate and prepare the ground. Time to drill the wheat seed. A time and a season for everything. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2015

In Our Wardrobe {No. 5}

Remember when I talked about wishing I could know before I purchased clothes items, if they’d be favorites or not? Well, this denim skirt is one of my favorites. I’ve had it for a long time and I don’t remember where it came from. Pretty sure I ordered it online, and that can be a [Read On]

Beautiful Cupcake Liners

  My mother sent me these beautifully, gorgeous cupcake liners. They traveled home in my daughter’s suitcase on an airplane from Ohio. We picked up our children at the airport on a Sunday and ate lunch in the city and heard about their trip over burgers and fries. On Monday morning, my girl finished her [Read On]

For The Love Of Our Husbands Giveaway

It’s giveaway time again! Today, Darby and I are giving away a copy of her book, For the Love of Our Husbands. Darby guest posted last week and talked about The Number One Cause of Divorce. If you missed reading it, hop over there now and check it out. It’s a good read. As I [Read On]

Yarn Along {Baby Dear and Several Books}

Look who popped in for today’s Yarn Along! Raggedy Ann and Andy! These dolls have a story. I’ll let them tell it. ………………………………. Hello! We’re the Raggedys! A long, long time ago an auntie picked up her yarn and pattern and began to work on a project for a gift for her niece for Christmas. [Read On]

Hoot! October 2015 Flexi Plus Saletime!

  Whooo, whooo is arriving early AND on sale? It is Hoot! The October flexi-of-the-month! It’s a 41 hour sale ~ {Click here to shop.}   10% Off Everything! 10% Off October FOTM Early Release 15% Off Newly Released Styles 20-40% Off Select Styles Starting Tuesday September 29th, 2015 at 7am PT* Sale ends Wednesday September [Read On]

Ten Things I Wish I Could Learn Instantly

This is an interesting Ten on Tuesday category ~ Linking up with Carole It got me thinking. There are some things that would be nice to just instantly know or become instantly expert at. There are times I wish I could. Or wish I was better at something. BUT, as I thought about it, I [Read On]

Memoir Monday {No. 90}

Equipment headed home from the corn field . Corn cut! Corn Harvest pictures in previous post. That Kitty! He’s eyeing this sample of cat food that came in the mail. Working with mixing and screening and treating seed wheat. This pretty package arrived! Isn’t in done up in such a simple and prettty way? I [Read On]

C.O.R.N. H.A.R.V.E.S.T.

  C olored yellow, dry and crisp, O n the stalks, heavy ears wait, R eady to be shucked and shelled, N ose-diving into the header. H arvest colors and A utumn weather, R eaching out, V enturing close to E mbrace us in the cornfield. S imply whispering around us, T he Glory of [Read On]

Doubt {Five Minute Friday}

Doubt. Doubt means I’m all out. Of trust and I’m second-guessing. Questioning truths I know deep in my soul. Doubt lets Satan get a foothold. Doubt lets him throw accusations at me. He lobs them with precision. He is evil through and through, but he is good at hitting his target. Doubt. Doubt may be a [Read On]

In Our Wardrobe {No. 4}

I’m loving this shirt on Renae. It’s new-to-her from a friend of ours who was getting rid of it. The Anchor’s Aweigh flexi from August 2014 makes a cute combination with the dotted shirt. You can find me wearing the flexi over in this Summer Outfit post. I also really like these light-weight, drapey scarves that [Read On]

Jean Pocket Silverware Holders

      There are a lot of pretty pictures in my True Woman 201 studybook. One of them showed the back pocket from a pair of jeans with silverware tucked inside. I instantly thought of my denim napkin holders. Next, my mind jumped to the old jeans I still had in an upstairs closet. [Read On]

Gift Packaging ~ One of My Happy Things

  Back last November, I posted about gift packaging. It is one of my happy things. Here are a few pictures of some small packages I’ve fixed up here and there, this year. I’ve had a lot of fun using the cupcake liner flowers on gifts! Ribbon and paper and stickers, oh my!

Yarn Along {The New Baby and Boundaries}

Good Morning! This is one of my very favorite Little Golden books, EVER!!!! The New Baby ~ So sweet. The pictures are gorgeous and little Mike is adorable and his new baby sister is beautiful, too. I loved this book when I was a little girl and I love it equally as much now that [Read On]

Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are a fun chocolate-chip variation. And they have a LOT of chocolate in them. Perfect for fallish type weather approaching. Cooler days and chilly evenings make the heat of the oven and the smell of fresh baked cookies sound oh-so-delishio! They have chocolate chips in them AND they have grated chocolate. Thus, Gourmet [Read On]

Ten Things I Like To Do With My Best Friend

TeN on TueSDaY!!!!   Today’s topic from Carole Knits…. 10 Things I Like To Do With My Best Friend I’m making two lists…… The first is a list for my best friend and best person……… man! Love my husband. 10 Things I Like To Do With My Husband  1. Eat ice cream 2. Just hang [Read On]

The Number One Cause of Divorce

 Today, my friend Darby Dugger is guest posting and bringing us some words promoting marriage! I’m so excited to have her here, sharing with us. Thank-you, Darby! One of my very first giveaways, over here in this post, was the book she authored, titled For The Love Of Our Husbands. You can peek at the [Read On]

Memoir Monday {No. 89}

I bought three small mums at Wal-Mart and plunked them in the ground by my backdoor. I absolutely love the splendor of autumn colors and fall vignettes. We have a local greenhouse that always has hay bales and pumpkins and mums and gourds and cornstalks set up in a glorious display. So beautiful. I put [Read On]

Instapost {Sept. No. 2}

  This has been my view of the farm since Thursday and I have thrilled and danced in my soul as I looked at it. It’s not the Redwoods. It’s not a view like Half Dome and Yosemite. It’s not Hatteras. Or Ouray, Colorado. It’s not Yellowstone National Park.  It’s not a quaint French village. It’s not [Read On]

Wherein There Are Purdy Pictures Of The Mountains

    We spent a few days in Colorado at the very end of July and right on into the beginning of August. I posted just a few pictures in this Monday post. We went to Ouray, Colorado. It is called Little Switzerland and it is beautiful. The town is nestled down among very tall, towering, [Read On]

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