Happy Thanksgiving 2015

T ruly Thankful       H arvest and Home      A pples and Acorns        N otebooks and Nuts     K isses and Knitting     S hoes and Showers         G lasses and Gumballs            I nk pens and Ice Cream       [Read On]

Yarn Along {Already There and Thomas} And Autumn Leaves Giveaway

It’s the day before Thanksgiving! My sister and her family are here visiting. Let’s have a quick giveaway! I’m going to giveaway this set of leaves I knitted. It will inspire me to knit some more. That may not happen until at least January!  The leaves are fun to make. My mother has knitted up [Read On]

Ten Things I Am Thankful For Right Now

It’s Thanksgiving week! Never a better time to specifically think about things I am grateful and thankful for! Linking up with Carole…. The Ten on Tuesday topic is………………………………. 10 Things I Am Thankful For Right Now. 1. I have absolutely loved all of our beautiful fall weather. We have had the prettiest autumn ever. Beautiful [Read On]

Dear Mamas

Dear Mamas… We have got this. We can do this thing. Dear Mamas everywhere… Dear new mamas, dear older mamas, mama of one, mama of many, Dear spiritual mamas, dear encouragers and mentors, though you may not be “physically” the mama, And to the joyful-today mama, to the discouraged mama, to the can-I-get-a-quiet-moment mama, to [Read On]

Memoir Monday {No. 98}

This is autumn in a nutshell. Doesn’t everyone want an iced tea delivered in a styrofoam cup with a C.S. Lewis quote penned on it with a pink Sharpie? I thought so. Party Mix! Recipe over here ~ Monster Cookies ~ recipe here ~ Growing-up-girlies!! Baby just wanted to escape and climb up the stairs, [Read On]

Experiencing Frustration

Sometimes there are words all wound around inside and woven in my soul and wallowed into a well of wondering. Wondering about the hows and the whys and the what ifs. And they’re all sort of stuck together but splayed all across the page, too. Picture a white sheet of printer paper with words placed [Read On]

Pretty Pictures and Pear Cider

  I came across this idea for a hot fall drink with a bit of a different twist. It was in a Martha Stewart magazine and I thought it sounded easy and fun to try. I changed it up a bit, but I really liked it. I am not fond of pears. I think it [Read On]

In Our Wardrobe {No. 12}

I think we snapped these pictures the same day we took these that are in Wardrobe Post No. 10.  These pictures are extra-special now, since Cooper is gone. Amazing how much you can miss a sweet pet. {You can read about him over here.} Yet, we are glad we had him and glad for the [Read On]

We Make Cut-Out Cookies {And Recipe}

  When my kiddos were small, making cut out cookies was something we did a couple of times a year. They enjoyed it.  They’d pitch in and help and then get ready to go off to play before all the cookies were iced and I would finish a lot of them myself. I didn’t mind, because [Read On]

Three Things That Make Me Think “Fall”

  These three things make me think fall and autumn and cooler temps. They’re food. They have nothing to do with seasons and weather, really. They’re out of the usual category of fall-y things like pumpkins and gourds and apples. But they just have a fall look and are fun decor for my kitchen. I [Read On]

Yarn Along {The Big Road Race and The Inspired Room}

  It is very quiet in my Yarn Along world. When it comes to yarn and clicking knitting needles anyway. My leaf still waits. I have not started a new dishcloth. Quiet, quiet yarn along. We were gone over the weekend visiting M’s brother and his wife and little girls. I had a couple of [Read On]

Acorn Cookies

  Aren’t these the yummiest acorns you-done-did-ever-see-in-all-your-born-days? I thought so!!! I tore the magazine page out of my All You magazine containing pictures and ideas for this tasty treat. They are so simple, so easy-breezy, so cute, and PEANUT BUTTER and CHOCOLATE!!!! Winner, right there. That’s what it is. Here’s what you need: Chocolate Kisses Nutter Butter [Read On]

Memoir Monday {No. 97}

I was trying to catch up on backing up my pictures and emptying my SD card. Somehow I managed to delete a folder of pictures on the card before I had copied them. I have no idea how it happened. I don’t know that I’d even worked in that folder and when I went to [Read On]

Orange and Yellow, Pumpkins and Corn

  My mother would tell me stories about going to her Grandma’s house and the memories she had from there. One of those things was corn candy. Her Grandma always had a dish of corn candy and her grandchildren were delighted with this. And she called it corn candy, not candy corn. I like how [Read On]

Apple Picking Past

  I found these pictures on my computer from apple picking at our neighbor’s last year. I don’t think I ever posted them and I like them. If I did post them, most likely if I can’t remember, no one else is going to remember either. And our autumn sunshine has been so pretty and [Read On]

In Our Wardrobe {No. 11}

Well then. Bright sunshine when we snapped these! This is my new sweater that I mentioned in a Monday post recently. I think it was a Monday post. It was some sort of post. The day I was going to wear my new sweater because friends were coming by for cheesecake and hot drinks. I [Read On]

Pears {Closeups for Theme Thursday}

Linking up at Theme Thursdays today over at California to Korea! It is a photography link-up. I thought I’d join in even before this, but haven’t had the time. This week’s theme is Closeups. I brought these pears home from the grocery, thinking how pretty they were and what awesome fall decor they would make. [Read On]

Yarn Along {Family Circus}

  Today. Yarn Along! I finished this dishcloth. Almost. The last stitch is waiting for me to cut the yarn and tie it off. I haven’t progressed a bit on the next leaf I have started. I will blame it on books and myriad of other things that have been happening. The long evenings are [Read On]

Open Your Bible Study

I want to share about this new Bible study that released November 2nd! Here’s a few of the nuts and bolts about the work and behind-the-scenes of it. ……………………………………… Open Your Bible is the first Bible study partnershipbetween She Reads Truth and LifeWay Women. This means taking the best of both worlds and melding them into [Read On]

Memoir Monday {No. 96}

I added this holiday sign to the front of my wreath. I really like it there. R & T pulled out pretty dishes one day for lunch and fixed the table up all pretty. We had three of the most beautiful days ever at the end of the week last week. Change and clean up [Read On]

Baby Wheat

  Green wheat glistening, Baby wheat blossoming, Slight breeze whispering, Tis truly amazing, Makes my heart sing, Thanksgiving to the mighty King, As I stand reflecting, On all the good He’s done for me. Let my praise pour out from me. Let me count my blessings. With upturned eyes, honoring, In His presence, glorying. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2015

An Inspired Room {Studio and Guest Room}

  I’m sharing some pictures of one of my inspired rooms in my home! I’m joining in on the inspired room tour over at The Inspired Room blog in honor of Melissa Micheal’s new book which released this month! The book’s title is The Inspired Room. I pre-ordered it a while back from CBD and I’m anxiously awaiting [Read On]

There Was Milo To Cut

  There was milo to cut. So my farmer man, he cut it. The grain cart and tractor needed a driver. So my son, he drove it. There was a farmer husband and a tractor-cart driving son who were hungry and needed some food. {And some tea.} So Mrs. Farmwife, she took them some. There [Read On]

In Our Wardrobe {No. 10}

This is an autumn outfit that I put together on one of those just-right fall days. The perfect kind, that I would gladly take for at least ten months out of the year. Enough of a cool tinge that a light cardigan is cozy, but still warm enough to slip on flip-flops! I’m wearing the [Read On]

Our Dog, Cooper

 Just a little dog. But a much loved, little dog. I didn’t know it then, of course, but these were the last pictures I took of our Cooper dog. My farmer man found him curled up over at the farm on Saturday evening. He looked like he was sleeping. In a sense I suppose he [Read On]

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