Memoir Monday {No. 40}

Button, button, whose got the button? ~ BEEF ~ It’s what’s for dinner! {Guess whose plate this is, Grandpa?!!!} Farmer at work ~ Cornmeal Rolls Marker zone ~ Artist at work ~ Behold, he comes riding on the clouds, Shining like the stars, At the trumpet sound!! Twilight is stealing over the sea, Shadows are [Read On]


My Painted Cupboards Project

For quite a while I kept tossing around the idea of painting my mismatched kitchen cupboards in our basement. They were fine, but I knew I would love the look better if I painted them all. My husband wasn’t quite sure, because he’s just not so keen on all the painted stuff that is a [Read On]


Quotes and Words and Things Like That

Ever feel like all the wise words and inspiration and good teaching and witty words and humor and encouragement has already been written? Sometimes I do. I read things sometimes and think it couldn’t be said any better. I enjoy copying down and mulling over quotes that touch me and I often wish I could [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 38}

The past few weeks have been busy and I’ve been glad for a couple of days recently to catch up and just be at home. We were gone to Ohio and the week before I left was rather too crazy in my estimation. Then my parents were here which was fun and nice and busy [Read On]


To Fly or To Drive, This is the Question

 We were going to fly out to Ohio in May for my sister’s birthday. When back pain entered the picture, our plans were changed, we cancelled our flight, we rebooked later on and found ourselves headed to the airport in August. Tucker was excited since he’d never flown in a commercial jet. Renae loved flying when [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 37}

Hugs and cuddles good-bye because it’s time to head back to Kansas. My youngest niece hugged me several times and told me how much she was gonna miss me when we went home. Oh those miles………. Back home again and time to start school. We had to start sometime. Some years we’ve had a special [Read On]


Tea Syrup for the Freezer

We drink a lot of iced tea around here. My husband’s family are iced tea drinkers and he grew up drinking iced tea. My family didn’t drink tea. My dad would sometimes, I think, if we went somewhere and they were serving iced tea. I don’t remember ever fixing it when I was at home. [Read On]


September 2014 Flexi Has Arrived

I was visiting my family in Ohio last week and arrived back home the beginning of the week. I’ve been in the flurry of unpacking and catching up on things that need caught up on.  My parents brought us home, so they are visiting. {yay!} Throw in getting started back to the schoolbooks and some [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 36}

Back in May, I was going to go visit my family and celebrate my sister’s birthday. Our plans got changed and so August found us traveling to Ohio. While I was there I got to meet this family. Teresa the Sea Turtle and Perry the Penguin. Their children~ Pippin the baby penguin. Crunch and Scales, [Read On]


An Ice Cream Sundae Shop

My son likes ice cream. He gets it honest. His paternal Grandpa seriously likes ice cream, too. And his dad likes ice cream really well. My son likes to eat ice cream, but he also likes to fix up ice cream sundaes. And he is good at it. We tell him he should open an [Read On]


Meet My Tintype

A while back I mentioned winning a giveaway of a tintype over at The Modern Mrs. Darcy’s blog.   I was and still am excited that I actually won! I took some time deciding {and debating and hashing over} what photo I wanted printed. {I think my husband thought I was a bit crazy.} {He’s [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 35}

Apparently the things around my home want to break down, but are, perhaps, a little scared of the mistress of the home? A little over a year ago we had trouble with our water well and had to spend money and deal with the hassle of having it replaced. Here’s the thing~it decided to go [Read On]


Because It’s So Much Fun To Set A Pretty Table and I Love to Remember the Details

My sister-in-law recently had a birthday and we had a small celebration to celebrate her! I’ve always enjoyed tea parties and setting a pretty table and fixing up little things for lunches and celebrations. One of the first parties I remember having was a Valentine Party when I was a young girl. Several of my [Read On]


New Lilla Rose Styles and They’re On Sale!

Introducing our new styles arriving at Lilla Rose TODAY! Hooray! There’s a flexi of the month returning too! It is from January 2013. {And it is one of my favorite flexis!} The new arrivals are 10% off for three days only. From August 21 through August 23rd. {No backorders} There is also a sale with [Read On]


Cats and Kittens of 2014

Meet O’Malley! We named her and then decided she is a girl. O’Malley seems more like a boyish name, I think, but oh well! About a month ago, O’Malley showed up at our aunt’s house. Our aunt posted a photo of the kitten on fb asking if anyone wanted to give her a home. I was sure my kids [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 34}

 It’s Monday time! Jotting down a few things from last week. This week is going to be busy. It is has been heavy on my mind recently to simply enjoy every single day and the everyday comforts I take for granted. I’d been working on a Daniel study earlier and then had a break from [Read On]


What Jesus Tells {Five Minute Friday}

Sometimes this ole world feels like such a noisy, messy, scary place and I don’t think I can take one more story or hear any more bad news or listen to the fussing or watch the greediness and selfishness and hear about the evils and atrocities. Whether across the globe or inside my own community [Read On]


Chairs and Swings and Porchy Things

Here are my birthday chairs! They’ve been loving hanging out on my front porch! The color schemes on my old porch furniture comes straight from the most élite and expensive Paris designer. It cost me big bucks!  It takes a lot to pull together old colors and chipped patinas.   I am quite pleased with [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 33}

  Lego oil well~ Renae saw this idea on Pinterest for patching a hole, so she promptly patched a hole in a pair of her everyday jeans. She used a scrap of fabric we had and embroidered the flowers. I was impressed. She’s so much craftier than I am. I think she inherited some of [Read On]


The Staircase in My Old House with Decor That I Loved

Working on basement cupboards and thinking about projects and looking through some old pictures got me to thinking about something I loved at my old house. DECOR WISE anyway! And that is my old staircase. Our old stairs were wooden, painted, hard, and steep. With no hand rail. So, you see there’s really nothing to [Read On]


Because Mamas Do a Lot

I have these two half-grown children living at my house. And if you read my blog very often I’m sure you’re thinking, “Wow. She mostly just talks about how fast time goes by and how quickly her kids grow!!” Too true. I do feel that way a lot and I do think about it a [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 32}

I was thinking this morning about how quickly a morning goes by. I will have two or three goals for a day and it will be lunchtime and I won’t have worked on any of them. Because here’s how it goes~all the details that I don’t write down on a to-do list. Throw in the [Read On]


Anchors Aweigh August Flexi 2014

  Introducing our August flexi! Anchors Aweigh!   Find it in a size small by clicking here~ Shop other sizes by choosing your category underneath Hair Items on the left-hand side of my Lilla Rose site.     It is navy blue and white combined with brass, complete with an anchor centerpiece and danglie.  A [Read On]


Green, Green Fields of Weeds

One year in the land of Kansas, there was very little rain. Not much AT All. The wheat grew despite the dry and did its very best, because it is hardy and made to grow despite harsh conditions. Still, though it grew, it was thin and short as it ripened and turned gold. And then [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No 31}

Our neighbors were gone a couple of weekends ago, so R&T fed a few animals and gathered eggs. It’s always fun to see how many eggs they collect and I always think they are so pretty! Birthday gifts! #funstuff #FunGiftIdeas I love to get gifts, I love to put gifts together and I love to [Read On]

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