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Spring Sale at Lilla Rose and the April Flexi 2015

  It’s just the week for stuff to happen! I have a giveaway for a Satin Hands Set happening over here if you haven’t entered, spring and sunshine are lurking around, and Easter is approaching! Aaannndddd….. Lilla Rose decided to have a sale! If you’ve not tried our headbands, this is your opportunity! I love the [Read On]


Marshmallow Peeps Surprise Cupcakes

I clicked over to Pinterest a few weeks ago to browse for a bit. Pinterest has started doing that whole picked-for-you bit and selecting pins for your feed. I hadn’t paid that much attention and probably really wouldn’t have realized they were doing this, except a few days earlier I had read a sarcastic humor comment [Read On]


Soft Hands For Spring! Mary Kay Satin Hands Set Giveaway

Good Morning! I’m giving away a favorite of mine today. I really wanted to do it earlier, more of a winter-take-care-of-your-hands, but it didn’t happen. Instead, we’ll celebrate soft hands for spring and an Easter week giveaway. One of my friends gave me a Satin Hands Set for my birthday a whole bunch of years [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 65}

 Photo evidence of events of the week… Tucker’s tree blooming! Getting familiar with sprayer and settings and lots of details to figure out. All above my head. I just took pictures. Two cuddly puppies. The big one was mine when I was young. I fell in love with his droopy eyes and bought him with [Read On]


Spring and Easter Decor

I was starting to feel like winter was running a bit long, even though it was only the beginning of March. Just that longing for sunshine and spring and birds chirping and green shoots shooting up. And while I’d enjoyed my touches of Valentine and red, February had zipped past, taking Valentine’s Day with it. [Read On]


When Cookie Dough and a Kitchen Aid Mixer Catch Your Eye, This is What You Get

I walked away from my mixer. Not always the smartest thing for a cook to do. But then I’m far from the smartest. Fact is, I’m pretty simple. I knew that my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe was a big one. I knew it filled the mixer up pretty good. But the dough needed to [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 64}

Last week….. We put on fertilizer …. Wow. A lot happened last week and it seems like a long time ago already. We baked cookies. We made Easter/spring cupcakes that I hope to give their own blogpost… We burnt candles. I’ve felt blessed to have the cozy flickering of candles on many days through the winter [Read On]


Hauling Hopper Bin Bottoms

Once again the days are moving along and the mile long list of winter time projects has been shortened a bit, but never as much as my husband would like it to be. I try to comfort him with the fact of, we-wouldn’t-want-to-run-out-of-things-to-do, but he never bites on that very well. I also argue that this-is-life and [Read On]


Thankful That the Bible Meets Me in Real Life {Five Minute Friday}

Life is real, Life is earnest, And the grave is not its goal, Dust thou art to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow {Find all the eloquent words here ~} REAL. The writing prompt for this Five Minute Friday. The verse above was one of the first things to pop [Read On]


A Very Disjointed Blog Post About Words and Manners and Wastebaskets

Words interest me. There are old terminologies that make me laugh. There are lots of words that are way over my head. There’s something that I think we all have in common and that would be an appreciation of kind words spoken to us or about us. I’ve heard  and read stories of the opposite. People can [Read On]


Quick and Simple: Detailing a Chocolate Bunny

 Quick and Simple. That’s what the title says. That’s what it means. No rocket science here. But, if you’ve visited before, you already knew that! Want to add a fun touch to a chocolate bunny? A simple and super easy one? YOU WILL NEED: at least one chocolate bunny {or a dozen or two or [Read On]


Putting On Fertilizer

Nice weather. Sunny weather. It means work while the sun shines. It means head to the fields and do what needs done. It means spring is coming. Will the rain? It means time to put on fertilizer. It means errand time and food delivery for this farm wife. It means grabbing my camera and *happy* [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 63}

Nice weather and go-kart rides ~ go-kart hadn’t been out for a while. I rather forget we have it. It has some issues and doesn’t always run the best. Farmer man keeps talking about getting rid of it. See? Not running the best… Fun farmy picture~ Renae getting better….so glad! Flowers from Grandma for a [Read On]


Just Some Thoughts on a Saturday Night

I’ve been more pain free this last week, than I’ve been in a long time. I am beyond thankful. AND we had nice weather, so I’ve been walking again some. Another thing I’m thankful for. AND I even jogged a little bit when I took a walk on Friday. This is monumental for me. Even two [Read On]


A Box of Sunshine

Renae has been sick. She’s had the sinus/cough/sore throat/headache crud. She’s not done much of anything for about a week, and that’s not her at all. I’m ready to have my girl-that-feels-good back. She’s ready to feel better, too. Being sick isn’t fun, but it does always make you appreciate feeling well! One of Renae’s [Read On]


Birthdays 2015

Birthday celebrations and birthday memories! No all-out shin-digs or parties, but special lunches and celebrating that our kiddos were born! I love birthday parties and birthday bashes, but I’m not always up to the effort of anything too big. Even if I don’t always throw the parties that I’d like to in my mind, we [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 62}

We tried out a fun new recipe that my sister shared on her blog. Garlic Cheese Biscuits baked in a cast iron skillet. It was fun to try and yummy to eat! Make your own lunch. Because if Dad is busy for the day, Mom doesn’t worry a whole lot about lunch. #Gratitude for kids [Read On]


Wherein We Look At Books Being Read at Present, Recently Read, Patiently Waiting

Recently I’ve pulled some books off of my bookshelves to re-read, requested and picked up some new books from the library and noticed some of the books lurking around that we’ve read recently or are waiting. I randomly took some pictures. Then I decided “Hey, it’d be fun to dump all of these into a [Read On]


Three Things {Favorite Finds No. 3} Ottoman, Whisk, Leggings

My No. 1 favorite find for this post is this red, polka-dotty ottoman that was welcomed to our basement. I’m loving it. Stools, ottomans, footrests…they’re just great to have to pair with couches and chairs, plus they can make a nice perch now and then and add a fun bit of decor to a room. [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 61}

Lots of object pictures for my journal this week! Renae has had this vignette set up in her room for a while and I kept thinking I was going to take a picture of it. Loved how she displayed it all. On our way home from visiting Matthew’s brother… We visited our capital city, Topeka, [Read On]


Just a Simple Post about the March 2015 Flexi

February is a short month and the end of it always catches me by surprise. March came in snowy and cold here in Kansas, but not windy!! Lilla Rose brought in the Opal Maltese for March! I liked the description of a cool neutral mix of silvertones and and transparent white opal beads for a [Read On]


A Lifeway Visit {Five Minute Friday}

I stood in the middle of the Lifeway store and looked around me. My sister-in-law had a gift item that needed returned and I was glad to visit an actual, real life, Lifeway storefront. I’d shopped Lifeway online, but never stepped foot inside one of their stores. I felt at home as I looked at all [Read On]


Washi Tape ClipBoard

This is another one of Renae’s projects. I think someone as craft-challenged as myself could even handle this! I’m pretty sure she saw this idea on Pinterest and I had several clipboards around and I had washi tape in amongst my ribbon and gift packaging stuff. It really does look fun to try. I don’t [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 60}

It’s not Monday anymore, but it seems like Monday to me, because we were gone over the weekend and didn’t get home till last evening. So, my stuff-to-do-today, is my Monday type stuff. Thus, I will just post a Monday post because I’d like to post it and it makes it easier to categorize the [Read On]


Sacred Marriage and Where Did God Come From {Giveaway}

I was sorting through some stuff and I found I have an extra copy of one of my favorite marriage books and an extra dvd by Ken Ham. I decided they would make a fun giveaway. I like books and I like gifts and I like giveaways. So it just works out! The book is [Read On]

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