It’s An Amazing E-book Bundle Sale!

Have you had your eye on a homemaking e-book or two? Are you looking for some new books to inspire? Or would you like to stock up on some reading material for the lazy, hazy days of summer? Well, then, hooray! It is Ultimate Homemaking Bundle E-book Sale time again! Check out this instant library, [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 21}

Fun yarn! I broke out my knitting again. It’s been a pretty good spell, since I’ve clicked away. Big Lego slide and game! Which color will score the most points? Mama doll, toddler doll, and teeny-tiny infant doll! Dolls and clothes knitted and created by Miss Renae. I so enjoy seeing her creations. Boxwoods! Hope, [Read On]


Oh Glorious Day! Blessed Easter!

Wonderful words. Wonderful song. Hallelujah! Jesus is alive! I need Him so much. I rejoice that He gave His life for me. He shed His blood for me. Time and time again, I need this grace, this gift, so freely given. I’m redeemed, yet I fail. Where would I be without the empty tomb and [Read On]


God Doesn’t Need Super Glue. He Just Needs Yielded. {Five Minute Friday}

Rough patches of dried super glue stuck on my fingers. It wears away slowly and picking at it doesn’t do that much good. It’s super glue, you know. It adheres quickly to pieces, patches, fragments, or fingers. The super glue squeezes out of the applicator in a small stream along the jagged edge of the [Read On]


Giveaway~Creamy White Ruffled Scarf and Hummingbird Flexi

 Giveaway time again! Let’s give away a creamy white ruffled scarf along with a hummingbird flexi in a size small! The hummingbird was our March flexi-of-the-month from Lilla Rose. It’s not available in our regular line of hair accessories. I think it has such a unique, fun flair! And think springtime!    I wear a [Read On]


A Bit of Spring and Easter

We talked about changing up decor a bit after Christmastime over here. When spring starts creeping closer and teasing us with sunshine and some seventies before wisping away to hide again, I usually think about getting out a few touches of Easter and spring. A few weeks back, I did some decor changing up and [Read On]


Blessings from Blogging

Blogging has blessed me. There are times that I think it takes a lot of time. There are times that I think “Who really cares?” There are times I question the whole internet safety and sharing. There are times I compare my blog to other blogs. {Which I honestly think is the dumbest thing ever. [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 20}

More adventures with trees! Hello to a few cedar trees moved in to the farm. We blocked off our old driveway. When I stop and think about our farm and our old house site, it sends me off into a fit of reflecting. Life changes and changes and changes. It works rather well to live [Read On]


Three Day Sale at Lilla Rose

It’s a three day sale!   April 10~12, 2014. Lilla Rose is offering 10% off of a variety of pinks and crosses and more! Click through here to shop. Think Easter and spring!   Pop over here to Cooke’s Frontier and enter a giveaway she is hosting for me for a chance to win a [Read On]


Planting Trees

 A story in pictures!  We had a few trees planted!   We had the kiddos each choose a tree. Tucker’s is an ornamental flowering pear tree. I’m already imagining how much my son and his tree are going to change in the next five years! ‘Cause we all now how fast five years will go [Read On]


An Insignificant Detail About Towels

I had a revelation the other day. Nothing earth shattering. Nothing that’s going to make any big difference. No shout-it-from-the-rooftop news. But it was a revelation to me all the same. I figured out a common denominator connecting my favorite towels. That’s right. Towels. First off, I’m thankful for clean fresh towels. {That’s not the [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 19}

Planting a bit… Pushing down trees and ripping out roots… Small Lego farm… Birthday present for our baby niece! I discovered I had the flower decoration and it went perfectly with this wrapping paper that we also had. It didn’t work out for us to travel to Matthew’s brother’s for our niece’s birthday party. Kind [Read On]


Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Squares

Here is our version of Rice Krispy Squares. We love these things. Super simple. Super easy. Super-duper yummy! This was something else I made a good bit when I was kid. They don’t take long, don’t require baking and you soon have a sweet, crunchy treat! It’s also really yummy to throw in some M&M’s. [Read On]


Marshmallow Peeps Spring Cake

I saw the idea for a cake topped with marshmallow Peeps in a magazine and thought it looked like fun. I am far from blue ribbon category or magazine photo worthy or Pinterest Perfect when it comes to culinary creations. I just enjoy baking and trying out new recipes now and then. When I get [Read On]


Presenting! Aqua Burst, April’s Flexi-of-the-month!

It’s the first day of the month! In April, of course this means April Fool’s Day. And for Lilla Rose, it means a new flexi for a new month. The Aqua Burst is making a splash as it arrives, along with a set of coordinating you-pins. AND you can save 15%, but only if you [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 18}

Time to scrawl down memories in this online bloggy journal! You can read my post from last week about a Gratitude Journal over here… Our happiest happening of the week was sharing with family and friends that our Renae is going to be baptized. We don’t know details yet, but we are all happy for [Read On]

Party Cheeseball

Party Cheeseball

I remember my Mother fixing this cheeseball when I was growing up. I always loved it. When I was a kid, I didn’t care for the dried beef/corned beef version of cheeseball and it seemed like it was popular and if cheeseball was on the menu, it was the one! My Mother would make both [Read On]


Wherein I Think About Gratitude

One day, in past days, about two years ago or so, perhaps, I started a Gratitude Journal. I am a journaling, workbook type of person. I’ve had prayer journals through the years and I love the different, workbook-type Bible studies, I’ve worked through or been part of. I know this style is not at all [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 17}

Time for some daily details and weekly remembrances! I know, I know. I say it over and over and over and over and over and over, but time really does wing away so quickly.   I want to savor each moment as much as is humanly possible and as much as I can, even though [Read On]


At the Roller Rink

Pigtails with bows. Ruffled skirts. Wheels whirring. Chicken dance. Do the Limbo. Shedding sweatshirts. Falling down and getting up again. Perseverance. Snacks and drinks. Laughter. Put your elbow in. Put your elbow out. Put your elbow in and shake it all about. Conversation. Disco ball. Friendly owner. Free spirit. Enthusiasm. Zest for life. Caring for [Read On]

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