Hibiscus Sea and Hibiscus Sunset! August 2015 Flexi

It’s Lilla Rose time! August is here. Wowsers! Two colors for our August flexi! And they are beauties! We have the Hibiscus Sea and the Hibiscus Sunset!   Which one is your favorite? I *think* I’m leaning towards the Hibiscus Sea. Click over here to shop! Have a great weekend! Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2015


Summertime Yellowy Lemon Wreath

  One of my friends’ daughters posted a picture of her beautiful lemon wreath on Instagram. I loved its bright cheerfulness. Soon after, I was moving the flowerpots around on my porch and simultaneously watering them and moving them some more. I’ve rearranged the porch a few times this summer. In part, because of wind [Read On]


In Which There Are Cute Clothes We Like

I liked this outfit my daughter put together and we ventured out one morning and I snapped pictures! We had fun with this Spring/Summer Style post over here. The hat is mine, but it looks much cuter on Renae. She’s been wearing it a lot. I bought it for our trip to Hatteras. I love hats, [Read On]


Yarn Along {Keep It Shut and Truck Jam and a Dishcloth, Of Course}

Progress on my dishcloth from last week! Yay for progress! I was going to highlight something of Renae’s, but didn’t get that done. From Thursday right on, it seems we’ve had stuff happening every day. Renae commented last night that she was ready for a couple of slow summer days with not much of a [Read On]


We Disk Ground

  When harvest is over and combines put away and days rolling on by, it’s time to bring out the tractor and the disk and start in working acres to prepare the soil and the fields to plant again. To work the dirt and kill the weeds and cut through the stubble. Everything has it’s [Read On]


Ten Favorite Things To Do With Blueberries

I came across this link-up recently at Carole Knits. Simple lists of ten things on a given topic for Tuesday! I like trivia and interesting tidbits that really aren’t anything earth-shattering, so this idea intrigued me and sounded fun to join in on. This week the topic is 10 Favorite Things To Do With Blueberries. [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 81}

Beautiful blooms! Brought to my door by a small neighbor girl with tiny blonde braids and a shy grin. I’ve been enjoying them and enjoying them. A gal I follow on Instagram posted a lovely picture of pretty blooms and buds in glass bottles and holders on her windowsill and she said, “Should you ever [Read On]


Instapost { July No. 2}

    I have a lampshade in my living room. It’s making me laugh. Almost everytime I walk by it, there’s this part of me that goes, “I have a LAMPSHADE in my LIVING ROOM!!” With the same amount of wonder and amazement and drama and tone as Rapunzel in Tangled when she exclaims, “I [Read On]


It’s Harvest

  More wheat harvest. It’s such a big part of our lives. It’s harried and hurried in ways. There’s a sense of pressure to harvest the ripe crop before heavy rains or hail decide to show up. It’s beautiful. It’s tiring. It’s heartland of America. It’s blessing. It’s awe-inspiring. Those fields of grain producing from [Read On]


Quotes to Remember {No. 1}

What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while. ~ Gretchen Rubin I look at you…and I’m home. ~ Dory from Finding Nemo   Reverence for God impacts how we relate to people. Our respect for Him translates into a respectful attitude toward others. #TrueWoman201   It’s easy [Read On]


Cupcake Liner Flowers

I’ve had a stack of white paper cupcake liners for a long time that I’ve eyed and thought, “I should really do something with these, but what?” I have a couple of recipes I like to keep foil cupcake liners around for, because the cupcakes stick to the paper liners in an annoying way. The foil [Read On]


Yarn Along {Simply Tuesday}

My completed dishcloth from last week.… {And, yes, I do realize today is Wednesday if you are wondering about my blogpost title. It will make more sense when we get on down to the books! 😉 } Yarn Along has been an inspiration to me! By pulling out my yarn and needles again, I see [Read On]


Bemusement and a Date Night

Back in the ending of May or the beginning of June, I jotted my thoughts and closed my notebook and promptly forgot as I’m apt to do and as that is a busy season for us, I gladly grab that excuse.  Recently, I reach for my notebook and randomly open it and read my words. [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 80}

Cultivating Beauty ~ I keep thinking about it this month, thanks to the category for July in the Choose Gratitude journal. Fresh peaches ~ they’ve been so yummy! Sweet Corn! From our grassy corn patch. It’s Incredible! Literally. That’s the kind we mostly plant and our favorite. My sister-in-law shared green beans with us on [Read On]


In Which We Meet the Atlantic

  Kansas is a long ways from the Atlantic. But we’d packed and prepared and prayed and looked forward to departure with much anticipation and expectation. We’d flipped through honeymoon pictures and remembered and we mapquested and traced routes on a real map. We’d lined up pet-sitters and buttoned things at home up as best [Read On]


Instapost {July No.1}

  I sat down yesterday and I messed with pictures. I put this off at times, because it’s never a ten minute thing. It’s always a minimum of an hour. I just can’t start with pictures and be done quickly. I love my pictures. My dear man loves looking at our pictures. {When he gets [Read On]


A Tractor and a Sprayplane

  My farmer man was in the tractor and he was disking the small field right close to the house, giving me the opportunity to glance out my windows and see the tractor steadily working away. Presently, I heard another engine and after hearing it a time or two I stepped to the window once again [Read On]


Make Me a True Woman, Lord

Lord, I want right thinking, I want to know what’s true, Lord, I need discernment, I need your wisdom too. I want to be a woman, So grounded in the Word, I want to be your woman, To listen! To have heard. Lord, I want to study, To know it inside out, To recognize wrong-thinking, [Read On]


Yarn Along, Lilla Rose Sale Extended, and Books

I love how pretty yarn is. It’s so cheery. I like how I can just lay my knitting down and it fits in as part of the decor. I finished the other dishcloth from last week and need to thread the ends in and package them up and send off to my giveaway winner. I started [Read On]


Outside and On the Porch

I’m hoping to eventually have some plants along the south and back of our porch. I picked up a few at Wal-Mart right at the beginning of harvest. They were clearancing everything out, so I decided to snag a few and stick them in. I’m trying a couple of hydrangeas. Not sure how they’re going [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 79}

  Oreo Ice Cream Starfish decor in Renae’s room Gray days and flickering candle fun to shoot pretty pictures cultivating beauty Renae working on summer banner Spraying time Ring braided into hair Beauty in everyday kitchen prep Rhubarb Pie ~one of my man’s faves Garden hose Forecasting rain? Didn’t think so. Boots on porch. Thunderstorm. Soaked [Read On]


Blessed Be Thy Name Forever

  I waded out into the surf and I gazed across the rolling waves. The salt air whispered softly and the waves rolled and broke, soaking into the shore, pulled swiftly back to be replaced by the next one rolling in. Majestic. Magnificent. I bent to swish my fingers through the foam and watch the water [Read On]


The Kind of Pictures You Really Don’t Want During Harvest

We were headed to the field with supper on a Friday evening during harvest. I remembered that I’d forgotten silverware and being a considerate person and assuming the partakers of said harvest meal might prefer to have a spoon to use, rather than their fingers to eat potatoes and corn with, I swung into my in-laws’ [Read On]


It Was A Birthday Party

I feel like looking at party pictures again! This was a birthday party for a friend. Maybe in 2008? Yes, it was. I went and checked. We served Strawberry Lemonade and adding fruit to the glasses was a fun and pretty thing. And went well with the beverage! This was just an afternoon party with [Read On]


Yarn Along ~ Dishcloth Giveaway, Lime Crochet Spa Cloth, and Coco’s Candy Shop

Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along and over at Wool on Sundays ~     Good Morning ~ Another Yarn Along! I finished my pinky/coral dishcloth from last week’s Yarn Along! Hooray! And I started on another one with this variegated yarn. I can never decide which I like better. Solids or variegated. I’ll think [Read On]

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