A Bit of What “FarmWife” Looks Like For Me

I’ve been a farmwife now for right at eighteen years. That’s really kinda hard for me to believe. Ok, I don’t know what connotations and pictures the words “farmwife” conjure up in your mind. I will confess it tends to make me think of outside-choring, of driving equipment, throwing hay with a pitchfork, gathering eggs, milking cows, [Read On]


Miniature Pillows for Decor

 I want to show you something I’m excited about! These miniature pillows my daughter has been creating!!! I just so love them! She’s had a good time coming up with different ideas and then stitching away. She had fun making them and I had equally as much fun photographing them. She did several Scrabble letter pillows. [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 72}

 We got to go on a vacation last week! We spent the week in Hatteras, NC. And we had so, so much fun. We just really had a good time.  We celebrated our anniversary while we were gone. Our destination was special in part, BECAUSE Hatteras is where we honeymooned. It was so fun to [Read On]


We Visit Big Brutus

A few weeks ago we took a jaunt down to the southeast corner of the state and visited Big Brutus! If there’s one thing to say about Big Brutus, well, it’s “He’s BIG.” We visited Big Brutus in 2011. We had a load of lumber to pick up in Missouri and we spent the weekend in [Read On]


Let’s Quote Some More

More quotes to record and ponder and remember and smile at….. Complaining is a terrible habit, becomes a negative way of life, and strips away gratitude and any hope for contentment. It tells God: “I don’t like what You’ve given me, and I don’t trust You.” ~Vicki Rose   Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely [Read On]


The Farmer Plants Corn

Pictures tell stories. The name of this story is The Farmer Plants Corn. Or My Farmer Plants Corn   Or   My Farmer and His Son Plant Corn. Anyway, it’s about a couple guys planting corn. They’re planting corn, in case you didn’t catch that part. You can jump over and watch this video and find [Read On]


New Color Line at Lilla Rose….and Sale

Look what is new at Lilla Rose!!! Five new colors. All new Color Line! Sale to celebrate the arrival! 10% off and free shipping on orders over $40. Click over here to Lilla Rose to check out the all new Colorline!   Which color is your favorite?! Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2015


Three Things {Cakes}

 Today I bring you three favorite cake recipes! Vanilla Rich Chip Cake This is a McCormick recipe and you can print it out by clicking on the cake name above and hopping over to their website. I ate this at a friend’s house and she sent me the link, so I could make it too. [Read On]


Welcome Party…. From The Past

I so enjoy looking back. I am so grateful for pictures. I procrastinate at sorting and loading my pictures in this digital picture age, but I am so glad for memories and frozen bits of life. There are so many things I would forget and DO forget until I look back at pictures! Way back in [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 71}

Beautiful iris bloom brought in by my daughter!     Irises by the propane tank… Farmer and son. Checking out some stuff on the trailer. New recipe I had fun trying. Chicken Enchiladas. Yummy! Pretty place setting….always catches my eye! Pretty, pretty salad. Cookie time.   Fun still life to capture. Love the textures of [Read On]


Simply Thank You

 I thoroughly enjoyed my wedding day. Every bit of it. It was one of those days when you live and love and rejoice in every moment as it happens. I have a lot of great times that I look back on with fondness. Days that I did enjoy. They were memorable. They were fun. Yet, [Read On]


A Garage Sale, A Scrabble Game, and An Excited Girl

Maybe a month or two or three ago, I thought, “It would be fun to have Scrabble tiles.” Thinking fun decor! The stuff you could do with them, such as spell stuff or use initials or just scatter the letters. Possibilities galore! I texted my sis and said, “If you find old Scrabble tiles, I’d take some.” [Read On]


National Day of Prayer 2015

  The website for The National Day of Prayer is over here… May we pour our hearts out to the Lord our God! Our Father!     May we thank Him and praise Him, exceedingly, abundantly.   May we stand in the gap for America. May our hearts be turned toward truth and righteousness. May [Read On]


Chinese Style Gift Boxes And Very Fun, Completely Cute, Make Me Smile Gift Tags

These little packages make me so happy. They were fun to fix up. I had a last-minute-lunch with friends a couple of weeks ago and the last-minute-idea that it’d be fun to take gifts along for my girlfriends. I’d picked these Chinese take-out style gift boxes up at a Target one time and still had [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 70}

Simple snacks. Ground to work so we can plant corn. Trying a new recipe for fun! I made Risotto. Have you ever made it? My farmer planting corn.   Resident Roadrunner. He was standing at the end of the sidewalk when I pulled in on my return from a trip to the field. He stood [Read On]


Wherein We Visit the Statehouse

When we visited Matthew’s brother’s family a bit back, we took a daytrip and one of the things we did was visit the capitol building, or statehouse, as it is commonly referred to, in Topeka. We’d long talked of going and had mentioned it before to J&E, because they don’t live that far away from [Read On]


I’m Giving Away a True Woman 201 Interior Design Workbook

  I’m so happy about this giveaway! I really, really loved working through the first studybook in this series back last year. It is called True Woman 101  Divine Designand you can hop over here to find out more information about it and find the weekly videos online.   I knew they were working on [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No.69}

This is my $2 garage sale candle! I’m still happy, happy with this find. Beauty has been much on my mind and what a gift it is and how there is a lot of ugly in this world and sin marred it so, and each bit of beauty is something to be so thankful for. [Read On]


More Quotes From True Woman 201

 You can read the first post on True Woman 201 over here…     True Woman 201 What true women have you been inspired by? I feel blessed to know a lot of women who desire to be true women of God and to strive for Him. I didn’t say perfect. They’re real. We’re real. [Read On]


May Flexi 2015 Early Arrival and New Headbands and A Sale!

  We have new items and sales today at Lilla Rose! New design on headbands!   New Elegant Flower flexi and bobbies! April 23-25th ~ 10% off of the new headbands and the May flexi ~ And 20% off of other select items!   And meet Grace ~ arriving early for Mother’s Day! Our May [Read On]


A Lollipop Bouquet

  My brother had a birthday coming up and I knew what I wanted to make and gift him with for his birthday. I’d pinned the idea for a Lollipop Bouquet to my Pinterest Gift-Giving Ideas Board. Over at A Mom’s Life her daughter had made one for her brother’s birthday and I thought it [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 68}

Did you have a good week last week? I certainly hope so. I noticed these little pans in my cupboard a few weeks ago. They’d been tucked away and I’d forgotten them. We had three bananas that were getting too dark and overripe, so I flipped through my cookbooks and found my Banana Bread recipe [Read On]


Three Things {Favorite Finds No. 4} Pampered Chef Cooling Rack, Glass Bottles, Insulated 31 Water Bottle Thing-a-ma-jig,

Drumroll! Da-da-da-dum! I’ve been wanting to post more of my favorites. There are so many days that I think, “I’m going to blog.” and then I get busy with with something else that HAS to be done or I get sidetracked with another project or interruptions or unexpected things come up or I get a [Read On]

easter eggs 019

My Littles and Easter {Strolling Down Memory Lane}

I found myself looking at our old Easter pictures and laughing and as always, wondering how the years have galloped along so fiercely in such a fast fashion. Oh, these chubby faces and exuberant expressions and short arms and legs! Green has always been this boy’s favorite color. He dyed all his Easter eggs green this [Read On]


When, On The One Hand You Want To Dissolve Into Maniacal Laughter…

Life certainly has its moments. “You seem like you just have it all together.” THAT. That is what a friend recently said to me. Alrighty then. While I appreciated the thought and the compliment, {who doesn’t appreciate a good compliment now and then?} this big part inside of me wanted to fall down on the [Read On]

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