Three Things {Favorite Finds No. 3} Ottoman, Whisk, Leggings

My No. 1 favorite find for this post is this red, polka-dotty ottoman that was welcomed to our basement. I’m loving it. Stools, ottomans, footrests…they’re just great to have to pair with couches and chairs, plus they can make a nice perch now and then and add a fun bit of decor to a room. [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 61}

Lots of object pictures for my journal this week! Renae has had this vignette set up in her room for a while and I kept thinking I was going to take a picture of it. Loved how she displayed it all. On our way home from visiting Matthew’s brother… We visited our capital city, Topeka, [Read On]


Just a Simple Post about the March 2015 Flexi

February is a short month and the end of it always catches me by surprise. March came in snowy and cold here in Kansas, but not windy!! Lilla Rose brought in the Opal Maltese for March! I liked the description of a cool neutral mix of silvertones and and transparent white opal beads for a [Read On]


A Lifeway Visit {Five Minute Friday}

I stood in the middle of the Lifeway store and looked around me. My sister-in-law had a gift item that needed returned and I was glad to visit an actual, real life, Lifeway storefront. I’d shopped Lifeway online, but never stepped foot inside one of their stores. I felt at home as I looked at all [Read On]


Washi Tape ClipBoard

This is another one of Renae’s projects. I think someone as craft-challenged as myself could even handle this! I’m pretty sure she saw this idea on Pinterest and I had several clipboards around and I had washi tape in amongst my ribbon and gift packaging stuff. It really does look fun to try. I don’t [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 60}

It’s not Monday anymore, but it seems like Monday to me, because we were gone over the weekend and didn’t get home till last evening. So, my stuff-to-do-today, is my Monday type stuff. Thus, I will just post a Monday post because I’d like to post it and it makes it easier to categorize the [Read On]


Sacred Marriage and Where Did God Come From {Giveaway}

I was sorting through some stuff and I found I have an extra copy of one of my favorite marriage books and an extra dvd by Ken Ham. I decided they would make a fun giveaway. I like books and I like gifts and I like giveaways. So it just works out! The book is [Read On]


Of Repurposes and Crafts, Duct Tape and Yarn

 These pictures have been hanging out patiently waiting for me. They are some different craft things and repurposes that Renae has had fun making. I’d been wanting to take pictures of some of her stuff. Finally, got that done. Then the next step was putting some together in a blogpost. So, now I’m working on [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 59}

Happenings and Suchlike! 1. Beautiful weather at the beginning of the week. Becoming cold. This morning we had snow! Hammock out and laundry on the line on Monday. 2. This kitty hangs around a lot. Never sure where he’s going to show up. He’s a cutie. 3. Beautiful sunshine streaming in the window, casting beams [Read On]


A Touchstone of Remembrance When… {Five Minute Friday}

WHEN   Linking up with Kate   That’s the writing prompt. It turned my mind to a couple of things that have been running through my head anyway. I thought about the beginning verses in Joshua 4. I studied this passage a few years ago, in the Bible study, Believing God. I was inspired with the [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 58}

The last couple of weeks have whisked away… My parents and nieces were here the last week in January. Matthew cleaned out feedlot pen and hauled manure for our garden. We had some really pretty, sunshiny weather and the kiddos played outside and rode along with Dad/Uncle Matthew some. We celebrated birthdays. Then, my poor [Read On]

Chocolatey Butterscotch Topped Treats

Chocolatey Butterscotch Topped Treats

We have this much loved Rice Krispy treat recipe over here… This is another favorite recipe with Rice Krispies. Different texture and different ingredients, but still pretty simple to make and if you love sweets, these are yummy! We sometimes put this recipe in a jellyroll pan and cut out shapes. This was fun back [Read On]

Sweet and Sour Meatloaf

Sweet and Sour Meatloaf

Meat Loaf and Macaroni & Cheese. This was a very favorite combination for a meal when my sister and brother and I were the kiddos in our home. I still think of the two together when I go to fix one or the other. We liked both things and they were comfort food. This Sweet and [Read On]


Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Bites

Peanut Butter recipes are probably a favorite around here. At least, peanut butter and chocolate together recipes. While I like plain peanut butter cookies, I like chocolate with the peanut butter much, much better! I do love these Peanut Butter Rice Krispies and they don’t have chocolate in them. This recipe for Gooey Bars has [Read On]

Applesauce Jello Salad

Applesauce Jello Salad

  I would not say my family is a jello-salad crazy family. I can think of three jello salad recipes off the top of my head, that I, myself, like to eat and have made. I’ve never been fond of carrot salad and I don’t think I’ve ever made it. I also tend to be [Read On]


Home Canned Chili Beans

A few years ago, I canned chili beans for the first. It’s a great winter time project. Since it requires a fair amount of time and heat to have the burner on the stove running, the heat might as well be put to good use compared to home canning that HAS to be done in [Read On]


Peanut Butter Pie

Alrighty! A challenge for myself. I’m going to {hopefully} post a week of recipes. I still have a lot I’d love to have catalogued on here and printed out and added to my three-ring binder that I started. I’m going to shoot for this Monday through Friday {and maybe Saturday} of recipes. I have a [Read On]


Vintage Hearts and Sweet Valentine~February 2015 Flexis

Vintage Hearts and Sweet Valentine   February is surprising us with two lovely, new flexis to choose from! Click here to head over to Lilla Rose! Choose reds, purples, and pinks in the Sweet Valentine or the antique accents and silver of the Vintage Hearts! I think I’m leaning towards the Vintage Hearts as my [Read On]


We Wait {Five Minute Friday}

At 3:30 my daughter creeps into our bedroom, softly, and awakens me. It startles me and I jump awake, startling her back and causing her to laugh a little and say, “Sorry, Mom.” “Becca threw up,” she says.  Our nine-year old niece and cousin, visiting from Ohio, is sick. Poor girl. Away from home. Away [Read On]


Three Things {Blankets}

What could be better for January than to talk about blankets? Our January has been pretty much a chilly one! But this week we’ve had some awesomely warm weather and sunshine and some 70’s!! Woo-hoo! A lot of January, I’ve been thankful to pretty much stay inside . I’ve been thankful for ductwork. I’ve been [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 57}

Last week~gone already~ now to remember stuff that happened …. I was inspired by this post called Inspiration vs Comparison a few weeks ago. I may or may not have linked to it previously. I know I thought about it, but not sure if I did.  I have a new name for pop. I posted [Read On]


Blink and You’ll Miss It ~ 12 Hour Sale at Lilla Rose

   Good Morning! Lilla Rose is throwing a twelve hour sale today! It runs from 10 am to 10 pm Kansas time. {That would be Central time} Or from 8 am to 8 pm California time. {That would be Pacific time.} However you want to look at it. Also other times, depending where you live. So [Read On]


Denim Napkin Rings Repurposed From Old Jeans

{affiliate links included in this post} We recently read an interesting tidbit in our Manners Made Easy book. It said that while napkin rings are mostly decorative today, they have an interesting origin. Each family member used to have their own distinctive napkin ring. Napkins were used at more than one meal and each person [Read On]


Midnight Christmas Decorations

 Continued from Christmas Eve…. We tucked into our covers and slept soundly… {No visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads…that I am aware of} BUT, there was an idea that had been in someone’s head for quite a while… And while I thought everyone was sleeping soundly………some just didn’t get there quite as quickly……   [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 56}

What happened last week? As always, a bit of this and a bit of that.. Hot tea~ teacup from my Grandma’s things snapping some photos of this cute miss and taking some family pictures of her family for them My man played home decorator in our garage! I like the way it has come together. [Read On]

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