Memoir Monday {No.86}

    War Room. Go watch it. Take Kleenex. Beautiful, awesome, powerful message. Jesus and prayer intertwined throughout it all. Playing in theaters in America! Go support it. And I love the faces of law and grace portrayed in it. We need to stand in the gap for our country. We need to fight back [Read On]


Thank-you, Hatteras

This photo and the words below it are what I posted on Instagram as we left Hatteras. We just had so much fun. That sums it up. I’ve had several people ask if we had a good trip and I’ve replied, “We did! It was just so much fun!” I typed out details I wanted to [Read On]


Instapost {August No. 2}

  I started using this Gratitude Journal in July. And love it so much. You can see pictures of it over in this post. It was a giveaway post. While the giveaway is over, you can still see the photos and read about the journal. Each month features an area that enriches our lives. July’s [Read On]


It’s Clothes or Fashion or Style, Again!

  Just more fun shooting a few pictures and talking a bit about clothes. A friend recently gave this shirt to Renae and I love it on her. She paired the knit scarf with it, as a belt, and her shell necklace came from our Hatteras trip. She found the shell on the beach and [Read On]


Lilla Rose Sale Time! Everything on Sale and Limited Release Styles AND September 2015 Flexi!

    Woo-hoo! We have SALE!!! Three cheers for Lilla Rose! Click over here to start shopping ~ {and saving!!} 10% Off Everything! 15% Off Newly Released Styles 30% Off Select Styles Plus, Free Shipping on orders $40 and over! Starting Thursday August 27th, 2015 at 12am PT* Sale ends Saturday August 29th, 2015 at [Read On]


Passionate About Marriage

I have a heart for marriage. I feel passionately about it. The commitment to marriage and the plan God has for marriage is sadly becoming lost and tossed away today like so much litter. I want for people to love their spouse, love their marriage and be grounded in God. Does this mean I have a [Read On]


Yarn Along {Bruce’s Loose Tooth}

  Working on this dishcloth. It is my sixth solid color. But it will be fifth in my stack, because I gave the pink one to my sister-in-law. I finished my golden-yellow from last week. I had fun adding a few photo props and snapping a couple of pics! The two shells in the photos [Read On]


Orkin Back-To-School Prize Packs for Moms

Here’s a bit of a handy-dandy giveaway from Orkin! This prize pack! ; The Orkin Back-To-School Prize Pack includes: One (1) Silver USB Portable Charger – We know you’re on the go from sun up to sun down and you can’t afford not to be accessible. This emergency charger is small, sleek and can help [Read On]


Quotes to Remember {No. 2}

Affirm your husband often! Husbands have a need for our affirmation. This is at the heart of the “helper” role and why God said it is not “good” for man to be alone. Your man needs your affirmation! Give at least one encouraging statement {really more than one} daily! ~Kimberly Wagner   I realized why [Read On]


My Pie Crust

It’s Pie crust day! Or post pie-crust-recipe-day anyway! One big reason to add this is because I have a three-ring binder that contains all the recipes I’ve posted on my blog. I print them out and stick them in it. They are my well-used, often-used, go-to, loved, favorite or family recipes. My pie crust recipe isn’t [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No. 85}

That Kitty hangs out…. Turkeys stroll through… New nozzle for gas can acting as decor… Front door flung open….beautiful, cool air and 70 degree weather… Happy mail making my mailbox brighter and adding a cheery spot on my countertop…. Snickerdoodles.……. That Kitty waits…. Fantastically fun felt confetti…….. Packing up….off to visit grandparents… Cake to make…new [Read On]


Coming and Going to Hatteras

Just a few more for now! These are a few pictures of our between-here-and-there as we traveled from Kansas to North Carolina to destination, Hatteras!! We took a side tour through the Smokey Mountains, caught a bit of the Appalachian Trail, saw tunnels and cool Corvettes, plenty of pretty views, played games in the car, [Read On]


A Summer Outfit

I never really pictured doing style posts for my blog, but Renae and I have been doing some photo shoots here and there and it’s been fun! Just like categorizing my recipes, it is giving me a visual catalogue for clothes. While I’m no designer or the talented fashionista that many women are, I have always [Read On]



I had a friend asking me about my salsa recipe. It’s one I have planned on adding here sometime. I needed to rewrite it with the changes and tweaks I’ve done and it struck me that it would be almost as quick to simply add it here. Then it would be here and she could [Read On]


Birthday Blooms

    Beautiful bright blooms. Brilliant sunshine streaming in. Light bouncing, dancing, catching, casting shadows, sparkling. Fantastic flowers. Fluid light flows from outside. Finding its way to fling glorious rays around. Camera clicks. Capturing radiance and freeze framing it. The splendor and the wonder in bright bouquets. A simple bud. Simply complex. I could never [Read On]


Yarn Along {The Best Yes and Rainbow Valley and Mini and Maxi}

Linking up with Ginny and Frontier Dreams. I mentioned last week I had the idea to make several solid dishcloths. My stack is started. I finished the yellow and moved onto a coral-ly pink, completed it ~yay!~ and pulled out a golden yellow. I had an orange-striped shirt on one day and was working with [Read On]


A Delightful Glow is Four Years Old

The idea entered my head last week to look up when I officially posted my first blog post. I knew it was coming up, but didn’t know the exact date. I know September was my first full month of blogging in 2011, but the exact start date has never stuck with me. I’d entertained the [Read On]


Three Things {Favorite Stuff I’ve Had For My Kiddos}

Recently, I thought about some different things and stuff and activities I’ve enjoyed with my kids through the years. These three things stood out. {You can find Seven Favorite Summertime Activities for kids over here. Two of my favorites in this post are over there too.} 1. Audiobooks   I have absolutely loved having audiobooks [Read On]


Instapost {August No. 1}

  My mended clothespin apron! I’ve loved this clothespin apron. The back of it is made from burlap and early summer it started wearing some holes. I decided it could probably be repaired. My daughter showed me her stash of material and I picked out a cheery, bright dot. She took the apron and the material [Read On]


Memoir Monday {No.84}

Apparently, THAT KITTY, reads about North Carolina on occasion. Cake pop fun. Of lunches and chiseling. Of course, we all think the babies in our lives are the most adorable!! Those kissy cheeks!  Cheeseball snack and an afternoon with friends. {Click on cheeseball for recipe} Up and away! Oh, to have the energy and effortlessness [Read On]


Could We With Ink The Ocean Fill

This song in this post ran through my mind a good bit while we were at the ocean. This verse from The Love of God did too. Could we with ink the ocean fill and were the skies of parchment made, Were every stalk on earth a quill, and every man a scribe by trade, [Read On]


Corned Beef Cheeseball

Cheeseball. It’s just a yummy snack. It intrigues me how cream cheese can be so tasty as a salty type snack and so delicious in a sweet recipe. It’s all about what you add to it! We tend to fix cheeseball around the holidays, it seems. But, I also fix it some in the summer [Read On]


Organizing Photos In Three-Ring Binders

I love pictures. If you’ve dropped by here even just a few times, you may have figured that out. I like taking them, I like having them, I like the memories they create. I also like and appreciate all the pictures friends and family have given us over the years. Many years ago, I was [Read On]


A Sunflower Flexi Giveaway at A Delightful Glow

The July flexi for 2015 was a Sunflower. So perfect for Kansas!! And it seemed like a perfect giveaway for A Delightful Glow to offer. SO…….Here is a giveaway for you!   Winner will get their choice of a Sunflower flexi in size small or size extra-small. Aren’t they so cute?! Head over here to [Read On]


Yarn Along {Lizzy and Jane}

Completed!! I gave myself a quiet, little challenge in my head to finish my purple dishcloth from last week AND knit up another one, all finished, before this week. I managed it! My mother mentioned that she was knitting a pink dishcloth that would go well with the purple I was doing. That inspired me [Read On]

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